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Tumblr Tuesday – things organized neatly

If you’re like me and prefer everything on the coffee table to be sitting in a certain parallel way, then thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com is for you.

No, we are not crazy. No, we’re not “omg soooooo OCD*” We just like things a certain way.

*Aside: This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Do a little bit of research before you joke about OCD.

Look! Look at these pretty things that aren’t touching! (Also, I really want those shoes, any idea where I can get a pair?)

I can’t be the only one who finds look at these photos relaxing, right?

The posts range from things organized solely for the blog to images captured of something spontaneously beautiful and neat.

Ah, sorry. Got lost flipping through the pages of it all.

Well, enjoy! I’m going to go clean up my room a little bit now, I’ve been inspired.


Introducing Tumblr Tuesday

If I’m going to do a weekly Tumblr post, it’s going to be on Tuesdays! Tumblr Tuesday wins the game of the best weekday-related alliteration. This may not be a weekly thing, but hey, who knows?

I will kick this off with a post dedicated to my friend David, who hosts an awesome art/music/general badassadry page at drdavidphd.tumblr.com.

In the fall, he’ll be studying Illustration on the other side of the monster we call the GTA (Greater Toronto Area aka worst commute time in North America. Seriously.)

He’s got a very unique style to his illustrations, which mostly focus on Pokemon and people. (In all honesty, Pokemon are really fun to draw.)

There is some NSFW content concerning some naked ladies, if you need to know.

David is one of the funniest guys I know. Between his extremely talented work, his music posts, and his overall awesomeness, I suggest you check this Tumblr out!