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Trials of Pub Crawl

I never really had a real “crazy first year college experience” because…well..let’s not get into that.

Or we can. We totally can. I previously went to a place for school that was like Community but without the laughter, friends, events, sports teams, and will to live.


So now, at the tender age of almost-21 (oh dear god, really?), I’m trying to do just that. Have a normal university experience.

My awesome school now puts on a bunch of awesome events. This past Thursday was pubcrawl.

I went out, drank on the subway with my friend like two classy 20 year olds, almost got picked up by an accountant, and most likely danced worse than Elaine Benes.


He bought me one of these, because I am a classy but slightly outdated lady.

Things are getting better.

Yeah, no one likes “hey my life is fucking awesome now, cool” posts. I’ll get back to some depressing ones later, don’t you worry.

I’m the wittiest when my life is shitty.

Where did that week go?

I suppose it’s good that the days and weeks are just flying by, since I can’t wait to start at my new university this fall and get back into nerd-mode. The blog is taking a hit, though! Sorry guys. My 8 hour workdays turn into 12 hours with the commute. I get home at 10:30 some nights and go right to bed so I can get up at 7am the next day. *sob*

A long winded explanation for a disappointing blogging schedule. Ah, so cliche.

Anyway, how about an update on the past week?

Last last Sunday was the pride parade in Toronto.

I have never seen so many happy, smiling people on Yonge street in my life. The pride parade falls on the last day of pride week, which is one of the largest gay pride festivals in the world.

I love it. People from all walks of life come out to show their support for the LGBT community; even the Toronto Police decorate their cruisers and take part in the fun!

Cue the bad iPhone photos (but hey, at least I got a good spot in the crowd!)






I have discovered my new beer replacement. I hate beer. I know, sue me. I should be kicked straight out of Canada, right?

I hate going to bars and being the only one to not order a pint of Keiths. Gin and tonic, please? Yes, that’s what I said.

In comes Strongbow. Oh, dear, glorious cider. Not bitter at all. Finally, something that I can order and enjoy with a meal at a pub!

I went to the LCBO to pick up a bunch. Three different LCBOs were completely out of Strongbow. What? Apparently their warehouse is empty! WHAT?

I suppose I should have taken the free one that guy offered me on the RT. His LCBO bag exploded and the cans rolled everywhere, I offered him an old shopping bag I had in my backpack. A good deed for a nice can of cider sounds like a deal, but I was too modest.


I got a little too drunk at a bonfire after work on Sunday night. The last text I sent my boyfriend (who is in another province for the summer) was a picture of an empty subway car on my way home, and then I didn’t respond to anything else. Whoops, didn’t mean to scare the crap out of you, sorry.


I kid you not, the caption was “All alone.” What is wrong with me?


Last Wednesday I got bit by a pony. There is now a pony-mouth-shaped bruise on my thigh, and now I know not to tighten the saddle so abruptly. Lesson learned.

The worst part is that I now realize that covers more than a week! Ahh!

The First of June

It is June already! Yes, I’m serious. I guess when the most exciting thing you’ve done over the past 5 months is plant some vegetables, the days seem to blend together.

It’s an awful day, weather wise. The rain won’t quit, and a reunion I was looking forward to had to be cancelled. You can’t illegally drink whiskey in parks during a monsoon, I suppose [I kid. You totally can.].

That punctuation looks extremely wrong to me, but apparently it’s right!


You know it’s raining hard when you can actually see it on a crappy iPhone photo.

If you live anywhere near Toronto, you’ll have heard about the flooding at Union station. Apparently it was some sort of sewer water mixture, so eewwwww.

Lovingly created and shared by a “Branden Z” on Facebook.

This should make getting to my first day in training tomorrow super fun! Oh well, I guess if the shuttle busses act in typical TTC fashion (almost nonexistent), then I can always power-walk from Bloor to Union. That sounds fun. Around a 25-30 minute walk when I’ve had my coffee, probably.

The great thing about June 1, though?

Realizing that there are only three months standing between me and my new university. Sure, that’s still three months of putting up with the longest commute of my life five days a week. That’s still three months of sunburn and packing lunches. But it’s a hell of a lot better than the 8 months I was looking at when I got accepted back in January.

I’ve even got somewhat of an “office” all set up in the guest bedroom, complete with an old oak dining table I’m using as a desk. It’s 10x sturdier than any crap you’ll buy at Staples, I’ll tell you that.


Complete with my trusty Canada Post bank where I can hoard my 2012 pennies.

So now I won’t fall asleep doing assignments because I’m lying in my bed. Yeah, first year wasn’t something I’m proud of.

I hope you all enjoyed your June 1! If you’re in Toronto, I hope you managed to avoid the crazy flood and awful shuttle busses, although that might be easier said than done.

Grey Days of February

Today was a nice, freezing rain kind of day. I couldn’t get anything done on my route today, so I thought why not go down to the Scarborough Bluffs and take some pictures?

Bluffer’s Park holds a lot of my childhood memories, and more recently memories of me failing at taking up jogging (ugh, long story).

Here they are, as I tried to make light of the most disgusting day of the month so far.

The notorious Canadian Goose.

These bright red berries really stand out on such a drab day.

Looking west out to the little man-made thing where I previously attempted to go jogging, HA. 

And east, towards to the marina

It hasn’t really been that cold, but the ice still won’t let the rocks go.

A spot to take in the silly ducks who put up with the super-choppy waters of today.

And a few steps back

The houseboats of Bluffer’s Park. I’ve never known what exactly attracts people to live in “floating houses” (not really boats since they don’t go anywhere) but hey, at least they have some cool geese to look at. 

For those wondering, those would be the “bluffs” in the background. For some reason I didn’t get any pictures of the actual bluffs. Go figure. 

An empty, frozen marina

Completely deserted

You would not believe the amount of people just sitting in their cars in the parking lot. Are they waiting for a drug deal? Just drove down to think? I have no idea. 

I spent so much time here in the summer as a kid, but it’s something completely different to come and walk around when everything is covered in ice. Try it sometime. 

Something New

If the 15 year old Michelle could see me now, she would probably want to jump into the future and slap me. I own a TNA parka for damn sake, who am I?

I took the faux fur off and I don't own Uggs, so I still have some of my dignity.

Her main issue would be that I’ve kind of fallen out of the music loop, well, maybe a little more than kind of. While spending the majority of my time in 10th grade waiting in line to be in the front row of small club concerts, I vowed that I would go to as many shows as possible once I turned 19. Oh, the beauty of Lee’s Palace and the Horseshoe Tavern. Classic Toronto destinations, almost always off-limits to the underage crowd, and I never had the balls to use my fake ID with downtown bouncers. They know their shit.

Well…haha…funny thing. The website/store I used to frequent for concert listings has turned into a foreign language. Who are these people? (If you’re looking for good quality vinyl in Toronto, check out Rotate This! It’s been a while, but I remember them being awesome.)

A late new years resolution may be in order:
In 2012, I will stop being so lame, go to more concerts, and listen to new music.

The latter is the most important, seeing as the last 100 songs I’ve put on my iPhone are just nostalgic joke songs for road trips (Okay, well, sometimes there are situations that just call for Ludacris. Sorry.)

In the mean time, while I weed through my old music and scour the internets (intended) for something new, I leave you with this.

I thought I was cool and discovered something new, but it looks like the million+ views on YouTube and 78k Facebook likes have beaten me to it. Aside from the fact that for some reason I just cannot remember the name of the song and constantly have to look it up on my phone, it’s a pretty great listen.


A Story of Awkward Clumsiness: Subway Edition

As I had mentioned about a week ago, I got a contract position with a marketing company to distribute displays in small businesses. Literally “field marketing distributer,” which looks beautiful on a resume compared to “display hander-outer.” Again, it’s for the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers, so check it out!

Today was training and I headed down to the office at Richmond and Bathurst for 10am. For any of you who know the TTC well, this means I left at like 8:30. Whatever, not a big deal.

However, for some reason I wasn’t expecting to collect the marketing materials at that particular training session. I’m on board to distribute 500 units in 4 weeks at the very least, which is not a big deal. I took home 50 today, doesn’t sound like a lot, right? Each one has three separate cardboard pieces and a brochure to put in the top. They provide a little bundle buggy, but, well, here is where the fun begins!

After the 100lbs or so of material was loaded into the cart, I was set free upon the city to somehow make it back to Scarborough. Without the cart, this would have easily included a streetcar, a subway, and an RT without any hassle. With the cart, however, well..

I decided to skip the streetcar and try to find a subway where I could manage to get down the stairs. The streetcars are extremely narrow and there are three very steep steps to get on, so yeah, not a great idea. It probably would have been different if it hadn’t felt like the cart would implode every time I went over a subway track or bump in the road, or if I could actually pick up the front without it collapsing, but hey you can’t have everything, right?

I walked to University. So thirsty. All the Tim Hortons I passed were full, and the cart had no turning capabilities at all. Running over old ladies on the quest for an iced tea wasn’t on my priority list, so I skipped it.

And then I stumbled upon Osgoode. The most beautiful sight for my eyes. Is it…was it…could it be? A beautiful blue handicapped sign, meaning there would be an elevator? Yes, yes it was! For reference, here is the TTC subway map. Note the amount of handicapped-equipped stations vs. non handicapped. The fully-equipped ones have a little blue square beside their names. Depressing, isn’t it?

This was honestly the best map on google. I have no idea why.

After my little “praise the lord” moment that I had stumbled upon a station with an elevator, I managed to somehow get the thing on to the subway without taking out too many ankles.

I have to say I wasn’t too worried about the weird looks I was getting. If you’ve been in this city for longer than a week, you’ve seen much weirder than a girl pushing a granny cart full of pink pamphlets.


Yes, I am that creep who took your picture on the subway. Sorry.

I did enjoy how the elevators in St. George and Kennedy Stations are at the extreme opposite ends of the platform. Nothing like some good ol ‘exercise!


Beautiful saviour.

The majority of the buttons in all the elevators I took were completely rubbed off. And nonsensical. Apparently, in the TTC world “B” stands for bus aka ground, but NOT the exit. The star stands for the exit!


Wrong floor. Oops.

After TWO HOURS I had made it home, and now I faced the final frontier. I had  avoided all stairs up until this moment!



But it all turned out okay, because…



My thoughts:
I am really goddamn happy I didn’t take any downtown routes to distribute these. Thank god I have a car and it’s easy to find parking on Danforth east.

The TTC is sadly inaccessible if you, for whatever reason, have issues with stairs. The RT doors actually closed to someone’s shoulder because, due to the crowds, they couldn’t get off the car quick enough.

It’s a jungle out there.


Toronto’s Nuit Blanche

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