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I Shouldn’t Dislike Change This Much


So, we got new bills. Canada has brought out these new “polymer” bills (bottom) to replace the old ones (top). This is the third generation of bills I’ve been alive for! The third! And the poor Queen gets slightly older on each new version of the $20 bill. We got one from 1970 at work, and she was sporting a young, brown hair-do. Splendid.

These things are made of some weird plastic, have a see-through window, and feel very fake when you’re used to paper notes. Contrary to what everyone is telling everyone else, they do not just “bounce back” when crumpled up, they actually are little bitches and don’t flatten out properly to go in the cash drawer.

Now I have to think of new sneaky ways to check the bills without offending the customer (and avoiding the “I just printed it this morning” joke. Shudder). Thanks, Canada!

(In all seriousness, they are pretty neat. Who else has money you can see through?!?)

The Most Iconic Car of the 80s is for Sale: The Delorean

Sorry, Knightrider.

Yes, one of the only vehicles from the 80s that actually screams badassadry is being auctioned off, along with various other items from the Back to the Future franchise.

What I wouldn't pay for those jeans.

The particular one being sold was used in the third movie, and is estimated to sell for $400-$600 thousand dollars.
Four hundred to six hundred thousand. Oh my god.

On the contrary, you can pick up a used, non-time-travelling Delorean for around 30 grand. But that wouldn’t be any nearly as much fun now, would it?

A portion of proceeds from the auction are going to benefit The Michael J. Fox Foundation so I guess I can’t complain about the price tag.

To whomever gets their unfairly wealthy hands on the Delorean, I have one thing to say: You better drive that thing. Are you chicken?

Info from Time