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All the Time in the World

As of December 31, I finished my last shift at work.
I had been looking forward to the day since most of my co-workers left to go back to school at the end of summer, since we cut the cashiers down to one working 7 hours alone every day, since everyone started getting on my nerves. It seemed like forever.

They kept trying to ask me to stay, as if having absolutely no formal obligations for an entire month or two is something completely unheard of. “So, you’re doing nothing in January?” “..yep.” “…Nothing?” “…yes, nothing really.”
I eventually started making up stories to make me seem less pitiful.

My life and plans have been strangled by my ludicrous work schedule since March, cut me some slack if I want to actually have some freedom in my life. You know how much it sucks to try and book a doctor’s appointment when you’re working 10 days in a row and the office closes at 5? Yeah.

No more poinsettias. Oh my god, I hate these things. They are sissies are super-sensitive to cold, so I had to personally wrap each and every one of them either in awkwardly shaped bags that we’re always out of, or paper sleeves that are so cheaply made they are all glued together, leaving you standing in front of 10 watching customers trying to rip one out of its holster.
The things break so easily, too, and ooze a disgusting, poisonous white pus out of the wound. Yuck.


I told them maybe I’d come back in the spring. Hopefully I can move to another department, where I can just blissfully water plants all day without being tethered to my cash register of broken dreams.

Okay, it wasn’t that bad. I adore my co-workers. I have never met such an awesome group of people in my life. 

I now have a month to do whatever I want! Or two months, even! In hindsight, I probably should have tried to get into January entry at my top-choice school, but oh well. I love checking my email every day waiting for a response from one of the three outstanding universities. That never gets old.

Back on topic, what shall I do? As people of my generation in my climate know, getting off of Facebook and out of bed when you really aren’t required to is a bit of an issue. Maybe I’ll volunteer for the Canadian Blood Services and hand out orange juice. I mean, my one year of nursing qualifies me to yell for a real RN if someone is fainting, right? Maybe I’ll study my ass off in French! Maybe I’ll go to Brussels. I don’t know why, but Belgium seems awesome right now. I would totally go back-pack in Europe alone, because to be honest other people are just annoying. Unfortunately, out of the 4 grand I’ve got saved for school (and the impending taxes that are about to be given back), I can’t stand to spend half of that on travel, especially when I might have to pay for residence.

Who knows? For now, I will just revel in the fact that I’ll be able to respond to any social events I am invited to without worrying opening up the store the next morning at 8:45.

Freedom is a bit of a burden sometimes.



“I know they say people with sedentary jobs die sooner, but really, do you want to live longer if you have to spend it standing all day?”

Thoughts of a cashier.