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Public Service Announcement of the Day


I would like to warn you all about the dangers of accepting weird guys you’ve just met on SnapChat*.

No, it’s not the random dick pics. That’s almost expected with the way my luck has been going lately (where do I meet these people?). It’s not the possibility of randomly clicking his name when sending some ugly face to your friend. It’s not even the awkwardness that comes with a dead SnapChat connection.

It’s that some guys are really really really freaking weird and will send you videos and photos multiple times a day of their friends doing exercises, drinking beer, or even–cringe–MySpace-style selfies (and some guys are nearing 30)…even if you don’t respond.

Just a warning.

It may be hilarious, though. So it’s up to you.

File this one under “things I learned in Saskatoon”.

It may look nice, but this city is harbouring a hoard of awkward SnapChatters.

It may look nice, but this city is harbouring a hoard of awkward SnapChatters.

*for all of you very confused people: SnapChat is simply an app (that’s like a…program…on a smartphone) that allows you to send others photos or videos for only a few seconds until it deletes itself. It sounds more boring than it is.


Why A Single Mac Program Will Save Me

We all do it. How many countless hours have you spent studying, only to be prolonged by interludes of mindlessly refreshing Facebook or Twitter?

It’s like a comfort blanket that we can’t let go of. Those physiology terms are messing with your brain? Stop the osteocyte talk for a minute and see what your friends are up to online. That’s much better, isn’t it?

But, for many of us, it has almost ruined us. It’s like a drug. You can’t get away. It takes an enormous amount of willpower to just…stop. The biggest mistake I made in first year was taking my laptop to class. The notes I did take on powerpoint slides got lost forever in a sea of poorly-organized and over-saturated files on my desktop. I should have just brought a notebook. Good ol’ pen and paper. Nothing beats that. (Vague Simpsons reference alert!)

Last week I discovered this program for Macs, called Self Control. I only bold it because it’s just so funny and sad that a computer program has to be in charge of something we should all be able to do by now. Oh well, that’s 2011 for you.

You don't mess with it.

It’s very simple. You add some websites to your “blacklist” and the program will not allow you to access them for whatever amount of time you choose. You cannot get around it. Closing the program doesn’t work, neither does restarting you computer. It’s like a built-in preschool teacher, yelling at you to stop screwing around.

I turned it on today while working on an admissions letter, and got an entire rough draft done. The amount of times you have an urge to check Facebook will astound and probably sadden you, so get used to asking yourself “what is wrong with me?”

Too bad I’ve still got my smartphone. I guess I’ll have to take some responsibility for myself, right?

You can download it here