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I Never Thought I’d Relate to George Costanza

If you didn’t grow up watching Seinfeld reruns, then this might go a little over your head. I apologize, and I recommend you take the time to fully appreciate the peak of 90s sitcoms (and Jerry Seinfeld’s hair).

Remember this scene? George, having lost another job, is trying to figure out his next move. He sits down with Jerry, who takes pity and suggests new careers. The whole sequence is hilariously sad, but something most of us can probably relate to at one point or another.

After I quit nursing school, there was a period of a few months where almost every career seemed like an option (aside from engineering and nursing, of course).
Trying to narrow down my interests was next to impossible.

I think I’m a little past this, now. I know what I don’t want in a career, and most of these revelations have come from my soul-crushing current job.

I’m even highlighting majors in university books I’d like to take. Majors! I’m slowly narrowing it down.

And I have to say, I’m kind of proud of myself.

(Anything but geriatrics, anything, I tell you!)


Europe: “Why Not?”

Why not go work abroad in the UK?

I’m sure everyone who has ever thought of a crazy idea like this out of the blue has encountered doubt from their family.
Some of my favourite responses were:

“You’re not going to Europe” with a tone that implied the idea was some sort of joke.
“Everyone there hates foreigners!” but…we [Canadians] like the Queen, too!
“Every animal in Australia will kill you!” after I had thought about going to Australia instead.
“But…you’re going alone? Alone? That’s insane!” Yeah, I’ll admit it. It’s kind of insane.
“You need to stay here, work, and save for school.” My job ends in December and won’t start up again (if they decide to have me back) until April.
“The economy sucks, good luck finding a job.” Precisely why I want this experience on my resume. The economy in Toronto isn’t bad at all, but as always, having thousands of college grads applying for the same job in a few years leads me to believe I need that extra edge above others.
“You are going to waste all your savings!” Maybe. Hopefully not, but maybe.

I’m slowly convincing myself to start the process of filling out forms. I don’t have to submit them until December, really.

How did you overcome doubt from your family? Share some ways of explaining your plan that didn’t result in breaking your mother’s heart, please!