Public Service Announcement of the Day


I would like to warn you all about the dangers of accepting weird guys you’ve just met on SnapChat*.

No, it’s not the random dick pics. That’s almost expected with the way my luck has been going lately (where do I meet these people?). It’s not the possibility of randomly clicking his name when sending some ugly face to your friend. It’s not even the awkwardness that comes with a dead SnapChat connection.

It’s that some guys are really really really freaking weird and will send you videos and photos multiple times a day of their friends doing exercises, drinking beer, or even–cringe–MySpace-style selfies (and some guys are nearing 30)…even if you don’t respond.

Just a warning.

It may be hilarious, though. So it’s up to you.

File this one under “things I learned in Saskatoon”.

It may look nice, but this city is harbouring a hoard of awkward SnapChatters.

It may look nice, but this city is harbouring a hoard of awkward SnapChatters.

*for all of you very confused people: SnapChat is simply an app (that’s like a…program…on a smartphone) that allows you to send others photos or videos for only a few seconds until it deletes itself. It sounds more boring than it is.


4 responses to “Public Service Announcement of the Day

  1. Uh, snapchat freaks me out. Is it like twitter wear people can add you without you adding them? I swear every time I sit down near a stranger in public they’re making twisted pictures to snapchat people.

    • They have to accept for you to be able to send them snapchats. It’s actually a lot of fun if your close friends use it…you can make faces as ugly as possible. Haha

  2. You act like you don’t like random pics from strangers. And you forgot to give us your snapchat handle… 😉

    On a serious note that’s a great pic of Saskatoon.

  3. ajuanderfullife

    I deleted my Snapchat. I didn’t send many pictures and I was tired of getting people’s pictures when it’s OBVIOUS they’re sending to everyone.