Late resolutions

I have a big mouth.

I can’t help myself.

I say stupid things that are risky. I enjoy ranting and sometimes people enjoy hearing me. (But really, most of them probably want to punch me in the face. I would, too)

My new resolution: Shut up. Just shut up.

You know how every time you go out drinking you spend the next day re-living all the stupid shit you said as it slowly creeps back into your memory? Oh my god how are people still friends with me?

This is a static state for me now [which may or may not have to do with how often I go out drinking. Shh.]

We need a support group, some sort of Big Mouths Anonymous where we chat about how addicted we are to the attention that delivering a mildly-amusing rant brings. But no, we can’t stop. We keep going. We want to be heard, dammit! I assume we’d all hate each other, because who likes people with big mouths?


I should print this out.

Heres to a new, quiet, spring. And no, I will not complain about the weather or the people who won’t shut the fuck up about the fact that it’s snowing in April. Yes, we know, it happens every year.


3 responses to “Late resolutions

  1. It’s snowing here too, and can I belong to BMA? I don’t even have alcohol to blame.

  2. This really hit home with me. Today, I’m feeling that same pain.

  3. Oh wow, we could be best friends….I’m totally a founding member of the “Smart Mouth Club” and it gets me in all sorts of situations.
    The only thing that could deter our friendship would be that I’m one of the people complaining about the weather. Sorry dude. 😦