Grown-ups drink wine, right?

I have forced myself to be a wine person over the past year.

My parents are not wine people. My turned-out-to-be-batshit-insane step-aunt was the only wine person in our family, until, well she left the family via batshit-insane methods.

For some reason,  I associated wine with people who are grown up and successful. How am I going to hang out with my fancy educated friends and go to fancy educated dinner parties if I don’t like wine? What will I bring? Rum? It is delicious.

After stopping at the little kiosk at the front end of Loblaws a few times, one of the few non-LCBO ways to buy liquor in this over-regulated province, I finally decided I was a red wine person. Yes. White wine is gross. It stains less, but it’s gross.

It’s been a long journey of cringe-worthy beverages, but I think I’ve finally developed an actual taste for it. Yes! A small, useless success in a world of unfairness.

To be fair, I’m still at the point where my measure of taste is “does it make me gag or not?” but I’m getting there.

Simply a little window into the neurosis that invades my life.


9 responses to “Grown-ups drink wine, right?

  1. You should try a wine called Junior by Mitolo. It is an Australian one, and you can pick it up at LCBO for about $16. It’s one of my favorites (but the LCBO is not – I miss my days of easy booze buying in Australia!)

    • I’ve been drinking lots of yellowtail, who can beat the 9.95 price! If I’m feeling a little fancy I’ll go ahead and pick up some of that too:)

  2. Simple answer: yes! And yes, red is the way to go; white is for people who don’t really like wine but feel obligated to drink wine (although riesling is usually pretty good). Try Shiraz. I’ve never had a bad Shiraz. And don’t forget to “sniff” it first and swish it around, taking note of preset flavors. You’ll be a conneisur in no time 🙂

  3. I commend you! Wine has a lot of varieties and I’m reaching a point where I’m finding that certain grape varietals taste better than others. I’m a big fan of La Crescent (a Minnesota developed grape), Vignioles and Marechal Foch. I do like both whites and reds, sweets to dry. I depends on what I’m eating or if I’m drinking the wine sans food. I also LOVE Port and Grappa. The sweet, sometimes bitter, caramel burn they have can be lovely.

    • I have yet to get as detailed in my wine tasting as you, I’ve got a long way to go! I’ll probably stumble on this comment 2 years from now and think “wow she was so right” aha

  4. Rex Goliath is my favorite wine. It’s U.S. and is great in white or red. Very crisp. *sigh* I love a good wine.