Signs of Growing Up: Part 1 (Embarrassing photos included!)

I am old enough to realize that worrying about if my bangs will sit properly or not is not worth my time. I had a revelation and then I found some scissors.

Goodbye, high school hair.

And because I love to humiliate myself on this blog, now is the time for an awful photo montage (well, not really a montage) documenting the journey of my frustrating bangs over the last 4-5 years or so. Here you go:

This was probably the best my bangs had ever looked…EVEN THOUGH I COULDN’T SEE A THING. (ft. giant nose zit. Thank god grade 11 is over.)

But then they did this….

…so then I retaliated with some bobby pins…

…and then eventually gave up.

Then some pictures were posted where my forehead looked like this

So I did this!

Now I feel like an adult who can actually see out of both eyes.

A milestone, really.


9 responses to “Signs of Growing Up: Part 1 (Embarrassing photos included!)

  1. Not to get too far off on a tangent, but your blog photo doesn’t do you justice: you’re gorgeous!
    E-Hem. Back on topic. Bangs…: whatever. I think you’ve come to the profound truth most things that don’t matter just don’t matter LOL
    Good for you 🙂

  2. You look great! 🙂

  3. Wilhelmina Upton

    The first pic you posted is what I would love my bangs to look like if I had them. But since I have curly hair I will not get bangs because it would just look stupid. Congrats on growing up 😉 hehe I’m still waiting for a revelation.

  4. I had sideswept bangs for years and also a cowlick. NOT a good combo… I spent way too many hours of my life checking every mirror and trying to smooth that sh*t down

  5. Totally did the same thing two years ago…had sideswept bangs forever then hacked ’em off and did the straight across. I’m now in the “i hate these little short pieces of hair” phase and am growing them out. ah, bangs.

  6. purevanille1

    Bangs…. I love it, but my oil skin don’t 😦
    But rigt now, seeing your pics…. maybe I’ll try it again. Is so cute!

  7. oh yes, when MIND OVER MATTER becomes your mantra and you practice it…then it is a sign of growing up, it’s hard not to take oneself too seriously but when you do it IT IS SOOOOO LIBERATING…so, yay!! for laughing at myself…

  8. I love straight across bangs. You rock them!