“In fiction and folklore, a doppelgänger is a paranormal double of a living person, typically representing evil or misfortune. In modern vernacular it is any double or look-alike of a person.”

Is there a word for a personality double, too?

I’m beginning to think that there is only a certain amount of personalities out there, and I’m getting to the point where I’ve almost met them all.

I’ve met about 20 new people over the past few days at my new job, and three of them remind me of very distinct people that were in my life years ago. They’re great and we get along very well, which makes sense. One is almost a carbon copy of an ex boyfriend who I have no hard feelings toward–voice, style, facial expressions and all. Another shares the same traits with a friend I had at a different job last year. The last one reminds me of someone I knew years ago who I had to stop talking to due to a messy situation mostly out of my control. I always regretted losing touch.

I wonder how many people have met others who reminded them of me? Hm.

I’ve never gotten someone compare me to someone notable, personality-wise, but I’ve gotten a decent amount of people tell me I look like Anne Hathaway. Insane, really. Perhaps they all left their glasses at home.

But I’m not complaining!

Has anyone gotten any weird comparisons from others? Please share!


14 responses to “Doppelgangers

  1. I can see the resemblance to Anne Hathaway, for sure. I’ve been told I look like Johnny Depp if hew was overweight, which is a compliment I guess.

  2. I totally know what you’re saying about personality doppelgangers! I moved from a town of 20,000 to Denver- approx 3,000,000 and I swear I’ve seen physical and personality doubles for half the people I know. From the little profile pic I can see the Anne Hathaway- go you btw!. The ONLY one I’ve heard is Molly from the Breakfast Club- which I’ve never watched so I can’t agree or disagree.

  3. I agree about people reminding you of other people…I do the same thing. The problem is, in my mind I name them, “[insert name here] 2″ or possibly something a little ruder (like…”Oh she reminds me of Jessica, except she’s fat, so she’s….”fat Jessica!”) :-/, and sometimes I end up calling them that name out loud instead of their real name. Since my husband and I have been in China, we have a whole slew of students around campus who we’ve named after friends at home they remind us of….like “Oh, he’s CHINESE Seth, she’s CHINESE Leah,” etc. I’ve tried to be a little nicer with my mental nicknames this time around. 😉

    Based on your profile pic, you reminded me of Amber Tamblyn! I see a new post in my box, and I always think, “Oh, Amber Tamblyn posted something new!” 😀

    • This picture’s about 18 months old, I need a new one! Amber Tamblyn is lovely, though 🙂 Thank you!

      The “variation” nicknames always get me, and I feel awful about them. I remember using them a lot in high school 😛 Oh well, if the shoe fits

  4. Yes! I’m often told I look like a clone of an actress – I’ve heard it most of my life and it drives me crazy. It always starts, “you know who you look like.” I respond, “yes, so and so” before they even get the chance and it ends with “Exactly! You must hear that a lot!” Yes, yes I do.

    • Ah, that must get so annoying. In the same way, I can imagine how all of those “Bill Gates” and other commonly-named people feel now that their namesakes have risen to fame. Every time they meet someone it must be the same jokes over and over again.

  5. Nope, unfortunatly I do not have the looks of a celebrity, nor do I have the personality that belongs to someone else. But I consider that I good thing. I should be unique, a copy of me running around… I would make myself so tired…

  6. When I was 15 I had to go to summer school. There were a group of kids in my class from another school and when we met they stopped dead in their tracks. They told me over and over how much I looked like a girl they’d gone to school with and who’d died from cancer. Eventually they brought in a yearbook (which had full-page dedications to her) and the likeness was uncanny. Even her teeth were like mine prior to my braces. In addition to that, her name was Mandy and mine is Sandy.

    As for celebrities, I’ve had comparisons to Kate Winslet (in our redheaded days) and Ashlee Simpson (prior to her nose job).