The First of June

It is June already! Yes, I’m serious. I guess when the most exciting thing you’ve done over the past 5 months is plant some vegetables, the days seem to blend together.

It’s an awful day, weather wise. The rain won’t quit, and a reunion I was looking forward to had to be cancelled. You can’t illegally drink whiskey in parks during a monsoon, I suppose [I kid. You totally can.].

That punctuation looks extremely wrong to me, but apparently it’s right!


You know it’s raining hard when you can actually see it on a crappy iPhone photo.

If you live anywhere near Toronto, you’ll have heard about the flooding at Union station. Apparently it was some sort of sewer water mixture, so eewwwww.

Lovingly created and shared by a “Branden Z” on Facebook.

This should make getting to my first day in training tomorrow super fun! Oh well, I guess if the shuttle busses act in typical TTC fashion (almost nonexistent), then I can always power-walk from Bloor to Union. That sounds fun. Around a 25-30 minute walk when I’ve had my coffee, probably.

The great thing about June 1, though?

Realizing that there are only three months standing between me and my new university. Sure, that’s still three months of putting up with the longest commute of my life five days a week. That’s still three months of sunburn and packing lunches. But it’s a hell of a lot better than the 8 months I was looking at when I got accepted back in January.

I’ve even got somewhat of an “office” all set up in the guest bedroom, complete with an old oak dining table I’m using as a desk. It’s 10x sturdier than any crap you’ll buy at Staples, I’ll tell you that.


Complete with my trusty Canada Post bank where I can hoard my 2012 pennies.

So now I won’t fall asleep doing assignments because I’m lying in my bed. Yeah, first year wasn’t something I’m proud of.

I hope you all enjoyed your June 1! If you’re in Toronto, I hope you managed to avoid the crazy flood and awful shuttle busses, although that might be easier said than done.


8 responses to “The First of June

  1. Being a non-Canadian, I have this strange fascination with Canadian things, so I think your little bank is adorable.

    • Haha, thanks. Everyone had these as a kid! Plus, they came with the added benefit of a plastic plug on the bottom so you didn’t have to break it to get your colorful money out. 😛

  2. yesterday was seriously insane! But if you need a little sunshine, I gave you the Sunshine Blogger Award! Check it out at!

  3. The weather was cloudy with plently of sprinkles in my town yesterday. It was the first day since seniors from my high school graduated; it was somewhat fitting. Now on your blog, I really like your personality which shines greatly. Hope you’ll post more often during summer.

  4. That’s not rain. Trust me, that is not rain. Come to Ireland if you want rain. We have plenty of rain. Heck, feel free to take some of the rain with you, we don’t mind! *stops awkwardly rambling*

    • I would have gladly taken some of that rain home last week, it was way too hot! Ah, Ireland. One day I will witness the Ireland rains in person, and now I know to bring my raincoat! ;P