The 24 Hour Camping Adventure

What have I been up to, no one asks? Well, here you go:

This past weekend, I set out on a journey with some of my favourite people in the world. We went camping.

I had never been! Can you believe that? I think was the only person in our group who had never slept in a tent or even been to a campsite. I had to scrounge for sleeping bags and a spot in a tent off a friend in exchange for a ride up in my car. Thank god for that.

After the two hour drive to the park, we finally found our campsite. We only had to turn the car around twice, which was not bad since it allowed us to stumble upon this turtle:

It was huge and it snapped at us! Still awesome, though.

The rest of our day included struggling with camping equipment, checking out the “beach” (all rocks, no sand. Who needs sand, really?), and fending off the two middle-aged creepy guys who overstayed their invite for a quick game of beer pong on our campsite. I still don’t understand that entire situation.

This tent actually stumped the other experienced campers, it’s just a weird one!

Tents should really come with instructions.

Shallow, freezing, rocky water? Not a problem.

That beautiful gatorade bottle makes a cameo in 90% of the weekend’s pictures

We then headed out to the marsh to see if we could find another turtle. No luck, but there were some huge cranes flying overhead which were kind of neat.

did actually have friends with me on this trip! I just didn’t want to post any pictures of them without permission (since getting dolled up and going camping isn’t something we do) and sometimes I just get the urge to post something quickly.

Then we packed up and were on our way home by 11am on Sunday. A good weekend overall, but a few lessons learned:

Look up nearby hangover food places before hand. It was a 40 minute drive to the nearest one, but man that glorious Harveys in Port Hope more than made up for the long drive. You guys are awesome. That is all.

Oh and also, wear shoes, not sandals! Trust me on this one. The mosquito bites and the inevitably dirty feet aren’t worth showing off your cute and comfy Birkenstocks.


6 responses to “The 24 Hour Camping Adventure

  1. Hey, I’m (almost) a middle aged (could maybe probably be interpreted by strangers as) creepy guy… I take offense! 😉 Those “don’t talk to strangers” rules still apply as adults. Especially in the woods! Haven’t you ever seen any horror movies? 😉 Glad you had a nice trip – sounds fun.

    • Haha, don’t worry, I’m sure you’re well-adjusted enough to realize that “come play beer pong?” doesn’t mean “hang around all night with people half your age!” ;P

      Oh yes, we’ve all seen our share of “murdered in the woods” horror movies! Lol awful things to watch beforehand.

      Thank you, we did! 🙂

      • “I’m sure you’re well-adjusted enough to realize that “come play beer pong?” doesn’t mean “hang around all night with people half your age!” Well you know what they say about assuming… ! 😉 I still say don’t talk to strangers in the woods lol

  2. I have never seen a turtle with a tail that long before.