Most of my problems in life revolve around shoes

At the ripe old age of 20 (that counts as a 20-something right? shh!), I have realized that the amount of shoes I need to cover every situation in my life is infinite. I should probably not attempt to have all possibilities covered,  because it will never happen. Living in Canada and having to deal with snow, ice, and the dreaded road salt almost doubles the amount of shoes I need. (Seriously, do you know how much road salt this goddamn city uses? You can walk down the street on a dry, snow-less day and still come home with your shoes covered in stains. It’s magical.)

Over the past few months, I have needed shoes for everything from gardening to going to “the club”. I’ve needed job interview shoes, walking the dog shoes, winter job interview shoes, winter boots, spring sandals, fancy flats and casual flats.

My biggest issue is WHAT SHOES DO I WEAR WHEN? Maybe I’m a little “slow” when it comes to this, but I’m lost. All of these situations require a specific style of shoes. I can’t imagine a hiring manager’s face if one were to walk in with these on (and these happen to be some of the easiest to find or buy shoes EVER. Why? Why these?) :

Will someone please tell me where I’m supposed to wear these, other than accompanied with a black spandex 20cm long skirt at a club?

Apparently I’m also cursed, because every single time I go to the mall looking for something specific (jeans, a new school bag, low-heeled black pumps), I wind up finding 10 beautiful sundresses I resist buying because I’m off track.

I won’t find anything I need that week, of course. The next week I’ll go back looking for sundresses, instead I’ll find 10 pairs of perfect black pumps but no sundresses.  Pure evil.

Also, lets not forget the fact that I am “blessed” with wide size 10 feet, that sometimes spill over to the size 11 rack (I’m 5’10”, okay?).  Some places don’t even carry size 11s.

The worst part is when, in January, I’m being marketed shoes that look like this:

Oh, for fucks sake.

I can imagine some idiot shoe designer, sitting in his LA office, thinking “oh, we’ll give those women in cold climates some boots for the winter! Open-toed to cool down the feet, of course, and suede because suede really holds up to salt and snow.” You suck at your job and should be fired.

I suppose they’re okay for the fall, but the whole idea that I’m supposed to wear these with no socks (for the open toes) makes me cringe because they’ve got no ventilation.

I even went to the big warehouse sale, the Petite Feet Shoe Sale, in Markham the other day. I was looking for some multi-purpose black, low-heeled pumps, and I came home with these:

But they turned out to only be $40 so it’s totally okay I have no idea where I’m going to wear them, right?

I mean, should I just say “screw it,” only buy heels for now on, and be that crazy lady on every reality show who wears heels everywhere no matter what?

I guess I need to cut those “CROCS EVERYWHERE THEY’RE AWESOME SO COMFY!” people some slack, eh? Haha, no.

Sidenote: if you have size 6 feet and live in the GTA, check out the Petite Feet Sale at the Markham Fairgrounds this weekend. Seriously. Half the warehouse is dedicated to you lucky bitches.

16 responses to “Most of my problems in life revolve around shoes

  1. Re: Size 6 shoes:

    I was thinking the same thing a few months ago when I was out thrifting. I saw a lot of cute shoes, but they were all size 6. Dag!

  2. Are shoes really that important? Like is someone going to be I’m not talking to that girl cause she has ugly shoes, I doubt it! I wish shoes were like my only problem in life! lol

    • You sound just like my boyfriend, lol. I just simply have a hard time judging situations and picking the right shoes to wear. I’ve tried to type this a few times and it’s very hard to explain this to a guy I guess! 😛 Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. My nightmare/reality: living in China where all of the shoes are dirt cheap (most of them are $20 or less), but never being able to find any shoes in my size. They all seem to be size 7 and smaller, made for tiny tiny Chinese-lady feet! Grrrr 😦

    • That’s so frustrating! We’ve got a few malls north of here that are mostly Chinese retailers. They make great shoes and cute clothes, but my god they are not good at making many sizes!

  4. I have the exact same problem, especially with shoe size. My shoe size ranges from an 8 1/2 ish to 10, and ordering shoes online is completely out of the question anymore, and I can never find low enough heels that won’t make me feel like I’m going to die from falling over, or boots with no heels that are actually cute. I also have the problem with deciding what to wear to job interviews. Heels look more professional, but I don’t want to trip on my way in the door…hmm. By the way I like the shoe pictures…makes me want to go shoe-shopping. :/ haha

    • Your size ranges quite a bit! That’s definitely frustrating when buying shoes online, I can’t even imagine. Ugh. Good luck finding the perfect pair 🙂

  5. Yes. I do understand how it feels to go shopping for something and find what i don’t need, but i won’t buy it, because i don’t need it! But next week i do and there is not what i’m looking for!! Argh! It’s clearly a problem that happens to women.
    About the shoes, I share your opinion about the open-toed!! It’s so stupid.
    And I have an addiction for shoes, i tend to buy, but never know when is the right time to wear them!!!!

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  7. Michelle, you wear size 10/11 shoes and you are 5″10″ and you have the balls to wear those shoes? You go girl!! I have lived a miserable life where shoes are concerned. I was 5’11”, thanks to arthritus I’m not anymore. Had size 11/12 feet at age 13. Fourty five years ago that meant you were wearing old lady shoes purchased at Harry Youngs on Yonge street. Or, horror of horrors, men’s Hush Puppies (the shame). Now when you can actually find something fashionable, I’m in orthapedic damn shoes watching you damn kids have all the fun. I say buy the shoes. Buy em all. Who cares if you can find a place to wear them? Just buy em and look at em.!

    • I hope they come out with some more stylish orthopedic shoes some day. Every girl needs a nice pair 🙂

      It was always nice to be reassured that Payless carried size 12, in case my feet got any bigger. But, last time I was in there, their size 12 rack was down to about 5 pairs 😦 boo.

      I feel for you, I’m so lucky we’ve got things like Zappos I can order off of if my feet get any larger.

      Thank you, and I will wear them with pride 🙂

  8. Ugh Canadian weather kills me and my shoes. I love Canada but seriously the amount of rain Vancouver gets and the hideous atrocious slush we get after a shitty snowfall is THE WORST! And I never know what kind of boots to wear, rubber gumboots are only useful when it rains like shit but when it snows, beware of slipping and freezing your toes off. Winter boots don’t work for anything either, snow just seeps in and turns to water and freezes your toes off then too. TERRIBLE!

  9. I hate shopping for shoes! I am just slightly taller then my husband so I always want flats. Plus I hate my toes being enclosed, which is not great I agree for winters (I’m CDN too, London), I basically live in thong flat flip flops. Just had to buy shoes for my step-daughter’s upcoming wedding, dreaded it as I also had to buy my daughter’s shoes too. Towne Shoes was FANTASTIC!!! Now all I have is to get my son’s shoes! Uggghhhh!