Sowing Some Seeds

See what I did there? Alliterations are fun.
I finally know how to pronounce “sow,” months after mumbling my way through it at work. Embarrassing.

Anyway, I’ve decided to go the old-fashioned route and start my vegetable plants from seed this year. Why? Because there’s no better way to one-up someone than boasting that the salad they’re enjoying is made from vegetables you lovingly grew from seed. I’m kidding, I don’t care where you get your vegetables. It’s actually really fun (if you’re a shut-in like me) to watch plants grow from tiny little millimetre-wide specks. I also keep killing basil, and at $4 a pop for a full-grown plant it’s rather pricey to replace. This year I bought the seeds, but next year I’ll even one-up myself and use the ones from the vegetables I grow. Better Homes and Gardens ain’t got nothing on me.

This is the spread for the year, although I’m still on the hunt for some good eggplant seeds, and we’ll need to add a small cantaloupe plant. The Zellers down the street is closing and had a huge sale, so I picked up what I could.


Okay, this is bad. I kind of got lazy and just threw a bunch of basil and parsley seeds into a big, plastic pot with regular potting soil I reused. To my surprise, this happened. The little guys in the background are parsley, which makes me super happy since apparently they’re a bitch to get to germinate.


I bought some proper peat pots for the other seeds, and these cucumbers are growing like mad.


Are you familiar with the invase Chinese Lanterns?  They have cool little paper-y orange seed pods. My mom actually swiped a few (that had fallen off the plant!) from a garden on the way to work, and now we have this: (I promise they will stay in a much bigger container outside! No invading!)


I think we’re going to need to install bigger windowsills, it’s getting pretty ridiculous in here.


10 responses to “Sowing Some Seeds

  1. Congratulations on your little sprouts! A couple of years ago I got similarly ambitious about starting a garden. I went all out, with one of those seed starter kits and everything. Things started out pretty well, but I’m pretty sure I have a black thumb, and eventually everything died. 😦 I hope you have much better luck than I did! Looking forward to updates!

    • Oh no! That must have been so disappointing. I take solace in the fact that if everything does die, I can easily head to the nursery across the street and pick up some pre-grown vegetable plants. There’s always a backup plan!

      Thanks, there will be plenty of updates

  2. Your seedlings look great – hope you’ll get lots of veggies!

    (for thanks reminding me to get the seeds I bought weeks ago out of the shopping bag and actually into the soil 😉

  3. Congrats on your seeds sprouting. Looking at them gets me excited about moving next month so I can start growing some stuff. Like avocado. Oh man, oh man.

  4. I’ve been contemplating growing my own herbs like basil, etc., but I definitely have a hard time with plants. My parents put one in my room without even asking me and then get angry when I don’t water it. I think, “Why did you put in here? I knew that I would kill it!” Wishing you luck with your seedlings. Fresh vegetables and herbs are the best 😀

    • Hahaha my mother was the same, except she can’t stand to see a plant in distress so she’d always sneak in and water it. She can’t even let dying houseplants go, we still have our poinsettias from Christmas sitting around. No petals or flowers or anything, of course. Thanks! They really are, aren’t they? Store bought tomatos are the worst.

  5. we do it every year many times for every season ..its healthy besides being a proud owner of a beautiful vegetable garden !!! welcome 🙂

  6. It’s very nice that you wanna grow your own food. We do it at home too, although I don’t eat much of that stuff, just fruit and lettuce. I really have to start eating more healthy vegetables!

    Good luck with it! =)