Enough With This Weather!

I’ll remind you once again that I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


(25c=77F, for you Americans/pre-metric Canadians.)

This is insane! My birthday falls on Saturday and I vividly remember years spent battling snow storms to get to the bowling alley (it was the cool place to party as a 3rd grader, okay?). I mean, I enjoy this weather. I could just as easily be stuck in my parka cursing at the city’s overuse of boot-ruining salt.

On the other hand, if I’m not outside 24/7 or if I have something to do, I feel like I’m just wasting it. I know it’s going to get cooler before summer, and it might even snow in April. It’s happened before!

It’s the idea of “better soak it all up now before it goes away again!” that makes me uncomfortable. Sometimes I just want to sit inside and write, sometimes I have appointments to go to. For those of you sitting in a lecture right now, wishing you were outside, you know what I mean. You’ll feel guilty for not enjoying the weather, and guilty for skipping class or putting off that essay to go outside.

At least I got one good day in of enjoying the sunshine!

Oscar enjoying the lake down at the Bluffs:


And one exhausted dog in the car on the way home:


There are three little patches of chives that have already come up from last year, too: 20120320-122309.jpg

Not complaining, chives are one of my favourites. If only basil wasn’t an annual…

There’s an interesting and somewhat depressing article in Macleans about how the good ol’ Canadian winter may be coming to an end. As much as I loathe scraping the ice off my car when I’m late for work, snowboarding (my tailbone will never recover), and other various winter-related things, there’s something very sad about the prospect that this winter may become the norm.

I mean, how else are we going to relieve the February blues when there’s no ice to watch people slip on?


17 responses to “Enough With This Weather!

  1. I’m going to visit canada one day! I hope the weather gets right for you soon!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. And it is sad, in a strange way, to lament the End of winters. I hope somewhere on this planet winters live on.

  3. It is just weather, in Iceland we have now +3°C and tomorrow we will have
    -3°C, and we are waiting for the Easter cold and snow like always, and then we will have spring, hopefully, but it still might snow in June and we are hoping to get a good summer and so we can go on forever more. It is still only weather.
    I hope you will have a happy, sunny and warm birthday. At least some fun. 🙂

  4. My birthday is on Saturday, too!
    And although I don’t live in Canada, I do live relatively close, and it has snowed in April quite frequently over the past few years. I think it snowed in May in 2010.

  5. But I’m sure your dog is enjoying the warm, sunny weather! He looks so sweet 🙂

  6. I never get guilty because I always skip class or the job haha. Even when I was in the Army I always found a way to weasel my way out duties. When in doubt, what would Ferris Bueller do? But hey, if you’re enjoying yourself indoors, then don’t feel bad. Especially when it comes to good writing. You know that feeling that if you don’t write it down there’s a good chance you’ll lose it. I regret that more than skipping on good weather.

    Wow. You have inspired me to write a blog about Alaska winters.

    • Exactly, I actually keep a little notebook in my purse for that reason. I’d love to see a post about Alaska! My knowledge about the north pretty much comes from Ice Road Truckers and the like, it would be great to read from a resident’s perspective.

      • Part one is up. And ice road truckers, those guys are crazy. The Alcan Highway can be pretty unforgiving. I’ve driven it twice, in the summer. Starting to have flashbacks about black ice and snow storms. Haha.

  7. I am right there with you! Minnesota winters are, dare I say, probably similar, and yet this year I feel jipped of fighting the scrape solid ice off my windows, sloshing through frozen puddles, getting stuck in snow drifts, and having to call a tow truck for jump starts for my car for a week straight. I don’t think I can truly enjoy the summer weather if I don’t have to first struggle through a really crappy winter. :/

  8. wanderlust misfit

    Winter was a month long give or take. I moved to Columbus, Ohio in November with nothing but a flimsy coat and my roommate told me, ‘Dude, it’s going to realll cold out, better get to the store.’ So I did. And while I can’t complain (I found a $150 Carhartt for $30) I used it for maybe three weeks. Now it’s 70 degrees out! If this is global warming, I’m going to Alaska each winter — I like my snow!

  9. Your dog is adorable, especially in that first picture. He looks so happy! I know what you mean about the weather. You feel so guilty for not being outside, yet you’re not quite sure what to do out there yet, and you have so much inside work.

  10. Minnesota’s weather has been crazy for the last few days as well. Friday and Saturday was sunny and 80 degrees! Now it’s windy and about 40 degrees now. Well, it was good while it lasted.