A Photo Supplement: The Triumph

It is a beautiful day today. If you’ve forgotten, I live in Canada and it’s the middle of March. Today the high is 16c (60F or so)! To tide you guys over while I’m out enjoying the weather (okay, while I sit inside by the open window and work on some stuff I’ve been procrastinating on), here are some old photos I promised to post a few weeks ago from the Canadian International Auto Show.

According to the wonderful Wikipedia, Triumph hasn’t released a new car model since 1981. I was understandably confused by this display of old cars at the show, considering I had never even heard of the brand. I’m quite glad I got to see it.

I find cars very hard to photograph, especially when the lighting is dark and I’m using a borrowed camera.

There were plenty of other colours of cars, but apparently we were subconsciously drawn to the red ones. Why not, they’re rather pretty.

If you’ve been as lucky we’ve been, go out and enjoy this lovely weather!

7 responses to “A Photo Supplement: The Triumph

  1. Awesome blog. I didn’t know that Triumph, more known for motorcycles, made cars until last night when I was watching Top Gear. The middle photo is of the 76 TR6 which was the one in the show. Well, at least I think it is. The weather has been awesome! I bet you’re happy the winter is over.

    Seeing that you’re Canadian, you must know a good newfie joke.

    • I usually pride myself on knowing cars, but I was too distracted by how nice they looked to notice the little info cards sitting beside them. Oops. Thanks for the identification, makes it easier to do some further research.

      Oh, a good newfie joke? Usually we just take blonde jokes and swap the blonde out for a newfie, lmao. You might appreciate this video:

      I’ve heard they’re very nice people, the newfies! 🙂

      • Haha. Yeah, I hear you. Oooh, the shinies.
        Hilarious video. I heard this crazy rumour that most newfie jokes… were made by newfies.

  2. Damien Wijerathne

    I like your photos… 🙂