The Best Thing About French TV

I’ve been spending a lot of my downtime passively watching Radio Canada while I’m doing other things (mostly looking at pictures of cute cats and wasting time, but that’s beside the point.)

Sometimes I pay attention and learn something, but lately I seem to be wishfully thinking that if I absorb enough French dialogue I’ll magically find myself bilingual the next time I try and order just coleslaw and wine at St-Hubert.

Occasionally I’ll look up, usually while my computer has decided to rainbow wheel during the loading of an adorable hedgehog video, and find something weird/awesome.

There is a game show called Privé de Sens which is kind of fun to follow. They’ll throw up a word on the screen and one person has to give a good enough one-word hint for his partner to guess what the word is. Simple, but a pretty good tool when you’re trying to learn the language.

And then there is this segment:

What I can only guess to be a giant bag of Saskatchewan cocaine.

Arguably the best thing on TV, the poor contestants dress up in ridiculous costumes and act out even more clues. I still can’t understand enough to know why they need costumes for these clues, but I feel like being kept in the dark makes it much funnier.

My trusty Yahoo Babel Fish translator is telling me that Privé de Sens literally means “deprived of direction.”  (Hm, sounds a little like this blog, am I right?)

My dream of fluency finally has a measurable goal:
Be a contestant on a Radio-Canada game show and win (or I can just understand an entire episode. That will work, too.)

Seriously though, does anyone know what that thing is supposed to be?Anyone?

16 responses to “The Best Thing About French TV

  1. Privé de sens can mean deprived of direction, but mainly deprived of meaning . It can also mean deprived of sense ( hearing, seeing) .
    The word “sens” has all those meanings, and that’s for this ambiguity they chose this title .

  2. That show looks amazingly terrible/terribly amazing. The video doesn’t seem to work for me in the US (*sad face*) but I’ll have to keep an eye out for it next time I’m in Canada!

  3. Oh my goodness I am literally laughing so hard my stomach hurts right now. You are hilarious! 😀 Thank you for brightening up my random homework procrastination 🙂

  4. That thing does, in fact, resemble a giant anthropomorphic bag of cocaine… How disturbing… lol

  5. I’m trying to learn Spanish. I wish it were that easy!

    • I wish you luck! Spanish is another one I’d love to learn, but I figure if I started two languages at once I’d start getting all the words mixed up (probably not a real reason, but I’m just lazy)

  6. Sakasable is kinda the childlish and phonetic way to say Sand bag. Bag of sand. (yes i am french and i remember i watched that, there was a similar thing in france back in the past)

  7. LOL! Bag of sand is not nearly as funny. I was watching TFO the other day and they had a fantastic Catherine Deneuve musical on. There’s always lots of dancing on TFO – perhaps to appease the English masses. I emailed St. Hubert’s not too long ago and they said they’d be opening new locations in Ontario some day soon. Let’s all go and speak horrible Franglais and sip cheap wine!