A Big Thank You

Thursday was an odd day for me. I had just admitted defeat and quit something I thought I’d be good at. This included moving 200 pounds of material downtown in my tiny little car. I thought I’d take a “shortcut” and wound up getting lost (I’m from the east side! Forgive me if the Gardiner is confusing) and going around in circles because of that damn new condo construction everywhere. It wasn’t a morning full of confidence and awesomeness, oddly enough.

When I finally made it back home and logged into WordPress, the main page came up. The first Freshly Pressed post I glanced at had a name quite familiar to something I’d written, I had actually thought to myself “goddamn, someone stole my idea!” before I realized that it was my post.

What? My post was on Freshly Pressed? I didn’t even edit it that well! It wasn’t even that good! Oh my god.

It was a nice surprise after I realized that people actually liked it!

I just want to say this:

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read, comment, like or follow. The WordPress community is one of the most supportive, positive online communities I have ever been a part of.  Thank you.

For your support, here is a picture of an awesome kitten I found on pinterest. I promise a real post is coming soon! (The after-FP post is a little nerve wracking, forgive me.)


32 responses to “A Big Thank You

  1. love the picture of the cat 🙂 really made me chuckle… hope that you are having a super day and congrats at making the freshly pressed page x

  2. You deserved to be “freshly pressed!”(; Im so excited to see what else you write about!

  3. One groovin’ kitty. No pressure, or anything 😉

  4. Warriors and Goddesses

    when you be yourself, let things occur naturally and don’t try too hard, they turn out perfectly…… and you get Fresh Pressed! Congrats! PS. I have a soft spot for Canadians after spending 2 years there. Super awesome people.

  5. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! Proud of you! (it was a really great post, too)

  6. That is an awesome kitty!

  7. The cat 10/10 and here’s a follow. Just coz of the cat!

  8. I linked to the article in question on my site. It was a great post. Congratulations.

  9. I kind of imagine him with a soocer ball in the air…

  10. awwgoodietutorials

    You seem like a good writer,You deserved to be on freshly pressed.I hope you come and see my site.

    P.S:I noticed you like funny animals photos,here is one of my favorite

  11. I look around at the freshly pressed when I log in and I believe this is where I found you. I am new to the wordpress family, meaning I am using this for my compsition class for a grade. I enjoy your post you seem to be a good writer this is why I am following you now.
    Love the cat pic!!!!

  12. Congrats! (In the words of Vice President Joe Biden, “It’s a big F&^$ing deal!”)