Grey Days of February

Today was a nice, freezing rain kind of day. I couldn’t get anything done on my route today, so I thought why not go down to the Scarborough Bluffs and take some pictures?

Bluffer’s Park holds a lot of my childhood memories, and more recently memories of me failing at taking up jogging (ugh, long story).

Here they are, as I tried to make light of the most disgusting day of the month so far.

The notorious Canadian Goose.

These bright red berries really stand out on such a drab day.

Looking west out to the little man-made thing where I previously attempted to go jogging, HA. 

And east, towards to the marina

It hasn’t really been that cold, but the ice still won’t let the rocks go.

A spot to take in the silly ducks who put up with the super-choppy waters of today.

And a few steps back

The houseboats of Bluffer’s Park. I’ve never known what exactly attracts people to live in “floating houses” (not really boats since they don’t go anywhere) but hey, at least they have some cool geese to look at. 

For those wondering, those would be the “bluffs” in the background. For some reason I didn’t get any pictures of the actual bluffs. Go figure. 

An empty, frozen marina

Completely deserted

You would not believe the amount of people just sitting in their cars in the parking lot. Are they waiting for a drug deal? Just drove down to think? I have no idea. 

I spent so much time here in the summer as a kid, but it’s something completely different to come and walk around when everything is covered in ice. Try it sometime. 


35 responses to “Grey Days of February

  1. This place looks cool, I need to go here!

  2. Ah the Canadian goose, not a day out without seeing one of those , they are taking over the world :p Snow *sigh* , I have not seen snow yet this winter, always seem to be in the wrong place 😦

    • It’s been a warm winter here, too. We didn’t see any snow until January, and it hasn’t stayed around more than a week. Not a problem for me, snow isn’t my favourite. 😀
      Thank you for the comment, and good luck battling those geese!

  3. I came upon your blog based upon its title alone “Sometimes My Own Generation Confuses Me,” and I was thinking … “I couldn’t have said that better myself!”

    Then, much to my surprise, I started reading and realized you’re Canadian! So, I wanted to leave a comment to say a few things:
    1. I enjoy your musings
    2. And your pictures-beautiful! (I am dreaming of moving to Canada, you know, one of those back-ass-ward Americans who can’t wait to get out)
    3. Those people in the parking lot? Probably a drug deal. HAHA.

  4. Finally, a glimpse of the Bluffs during winter! I’ve always heard that they’re equally picturesque when it’s -x degrees outside. By your pictures’ looks, that impression might just be founded.

    Some [ir]relevant notes:
    1. I should explore the Bluffs pretty soon since I live very close to it.
    2. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.
    3. I’ve heard so much about the “small, bilingual university” you’re referring to in your mini-bio because my boss who teaches there constantly gushes about it. 😀

    • Haha thank you! I don’t think you can find one student there who would say anything bad about it, I’ve been hearing good things for years.
      Definitely go check them out! Except not in the freezing rain like I did…so cold!

  5. Wow, so beautiful. 🙂 Looks like my hometown.

  6. Great pictures. It reminds me of lake Michigan right now. (I’m in Chicago.) So very, very empty and abandoned.

  7. Nice photos. That tree looks so wise and mysterious!

    • Thanks! I loved the choices of plants and bushes down by the lake, the city put in a lot of red dogwoods and bushes with yellow stems (I have no idea), which gives it some great colour in the winter.

  8. Great post, there’s a strange quiet beauty about winter that I’ve never experienced before. I moved to Cleveland this year and (shocker) this is my first time actually seeing a Canadian goose in the wild! I’m from the South what can I say? We keep them in zoos down there.

  9. I always go down to the frozen marina for my drug deals. Where else can you get that kind of solitude to get you started on soothing your soul before the smack does it.

  10. Nice post…

    I read the headline and thought “oh, yeah, the days that made me want to kill myself when I lived in Toronto.” I loathed the long, cold, grey winters….and left, after growing up there, in 1986. I go back often to see family and friends, but I do not miss that winter one bit. I’ve lived just north of NYC since 1989 and this (cold windy) afternoon went to the shore of the Hudson…where, as I sat, a flock of Canada geese came by. Perfect!

    • There’s really nothing like the long, cold, and grey winters to make you appreciate that first blue-skied day of spring though, is there? But you’re right, some days it is just soul-sucking.
      The Canada geese know their own, I guess! Thank you for the comment 🙂

  11. gorgeous photos! love the new layout, too 🙂

  12. wanderlust misfit

    Haha, that last one was just strange! Should’ve offered oregano, but I get the feeling you’re a better soul than I.

  13. love your pics…. and I just the way you write , saw couple of other post of yours and they are amazing… 🙂

  14. Nicely done. You have a great eye for photography. I love the picture of the ice on the rocks. Great composition.

    • Thank you. I really need to work on my technical skills, but composition is always something I’d enjoyed playing with, especially with elements like the yellow tree branches and blue water.

  15. I’ve been around around the bluffs a few times last summer as I tried to find a good alternative biking route from Oshawa to Toronto, and when taking photos in the Ajax portion of the lakeshore paths.

    Great photos! Love the blog!

  16. These are beautiful. I hope that’s sarcasm as you describe how dismal and drab the day looked. How familiarity breeds contempt 😉 I love desolate places, whether they be wintry wonder-(where everybody is)-lands or the hot sun-baked deserts of the American southwest. Nothing like the majesty of un-(or lightly)-spoiled nature!