The Grammys & Twitter: Do I Laugh or Cry?

I’m sure you have seen by now the screenshots of the idiotic remarks on twitter last night. One batch was about girls, children, who tweeted crap like “Chris Brown is so hot I wish he’d beat me!” and other things they’re just too ignorant and immature to understand the offensiveness of. I’m not going to get into that, because that would be one hell of a blog post.

No,  I’m talking about this phenomenon of idiots who are resistant to Google, for whatever reason.
Apparently “just Google it” has turned into “just ask on twitter and wait for someone else to Google it for you.” Anyone who has ever been on Yahoo Answers will attest to this, as your physical urge to punch someone/something rises with every post read. Don’t ever go on Yahoo Answers. Just don’t.

Look at this.

I have nothing left to say. I bet they try and CTRL+F textbooks.

It’s not even a Paul McCartney-specific thing. How many times have you posted something like “Yeah I love this new song by the Sexy Tigercats*” and someone asks “whut r they a band”

*Fake band-name, aka my future girl group I dreamed up as a delusional child. I would advise against Googling that. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

For those of you who think like me, take note of and, the most beautifully useful websites ever.

I will never understand this. Here is my totally lame cartoon that was funnier in my head (my graphic design-studying boyfriend left his adobe-[legitimately]-equipped-laptop at home, and I couldn’t resist). Missing are various Justin Beiber CDs, as I couldn’t put myself through drawing those on this trackpad.


I can now use Illustrator, be warned.

28 responses to “The Grammys & Twitter: Do I Laugh or Cry?

  1. I was just grateful I never told anyone that I liked “Bunny Bear.” Which, by the way, sounds WAY more cuddly than Bon Iver.

  2. I think it is just because people are lazy and looking it up independently is just too much work. It’s easier just to tweet a question and have everyone else do the work for you. Sometimes I worry for future generations.

    • The last line reflects my sentiments exactly. I hope we can turn that around, maybe a month-long bootcamp without the internet that teaches kids things like how to use a dictionary, how to find a street on a paper map and get there without a GPS, how to make coffee, etc. Thanks for the post!

      • A month? It would be amazing to see most of them go a DAY without PS3 (Xbox… I’m not sure which one is popular right now), the Internet, a computer or a cell phone.

  3. LOL oh yes…I think I just fell in love with your blog!

  4. Sara Katherine

    I love this post! This is one reason I’m hesitant towards twitter. People these days…I love your blog though! Keep it up!

  5. When the guy from Civil Wars said something along the lines of…”Lets give a hand to all the opening acts. Especially that promising young man from Liverpool” I thought I fell in love.

  6. I might be a bit older than your generation (X here!) but my God, it is a sad day when so many younger people don’t know who Sir Paul is. Elvis was WAY before my time, and I still know his music, and the contribution he had.

    Off topic I know, but I had to say it. 🙂

  7. It’s becoming clear I am in agreement with you on so many things. It’s become a horrible thing of mine, even if I know the answers to someones question, I end up telling them to google it. All the information in the world! At your fingertips!

  8. Hahaha I love this!
    One of the reasons I don’t tweet
    Im really enjoying your blog, keep it up!

  9. science4youngpeople

    Looking things up for yourself aside, I am still not over the fact that these people may not know who Paul McCartney is… But perhaps that is discriminatory of me; people are of course allowed their individual tastes.

    I’ll agree with your reply here above: there is plenty of intelligence on twitter (so better not to broadcast your ignorance on there). With the attention Sir Paul got, one would hope that the above twitterers [sic] could deduce that he just might have a wiki-entry, but that might just be me (being old).

    I like your writing (though I don’t hate ketchup ^^)! See you around!

  10. I’m not even sure you can consider me Generation Y.. I’m about two years short.. so I’m a few years younger than you but ugh, how can people not know who Paul is… It still surprises me that people don’t even know who John Lennon is. Ugh. I hate Twitter.
    Great post! I really like your blog!

  11. Haha! Wonderful! Have to follow your blog.

  12. Haha. Earlier today while my guitar gently weeps played in the waiting room I was in while my Vespa was getting worked on. Not a Beatles fan but to not be familiar is kind of sad. Twitter is depressing and yahoo answer… blind leading the blind. I’ll be reading and sometimes the answer chosen doesn’t even answer the fucking question. I have face palmed twice posting this. Loving your blog.

  13. Oh goodness. Laugh tearfully. Who is Paul McCartney?? Siiigh.

  14. I’m not sure I want to live in a world where people don’t know who Paul is. =(

  15. People do that?
    I was outraged by the “Trending” expert on Gobal news the other day. Christie Clark (BC’s premier) was on the radio. The ‘expert’ criticized her for not Tweeting during the interview and subsequent Q&A. REALLY? She’s ON THE RADIO – TAKING PHONE CALLS! Then the comment was she could have during the commercial breaks, or one of her aids could tweet for her (they have people for that, you know). Come on, she’s on a break, taking a sip of water, catching her breath. An aid? To tweet for her, no wonder our taxes are so bloody high.
    I don’t tweet, or have a smart phone. I have a cell phone but I forget it all the time and waste hours trying to find it.
    Sorry to tack my rant onto yours. And for yelling. But sheesh people.

  16. PS I reblogged my comment. I’ve been meaning to for some time. Thanks for the motivation.

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  18. Regarding whether to laugh or cry, I say cry.

    I mean, I know our generation can be stupid, Josh Thomas is a testament to that… But this?

  19. If this isn’t rock bottom, I’m really afraid…