Sometimes My Own Generation Confuses Me

According to Wikipedia (I only use the best resources for my blog), we are Generation Y. This roughly includes people born in the ’80s and early ’90s, if my loyal online encyclopedia is being truthful.

I realize I’m not a revolutionary by pointing out that sometimes people my age are ridiculous, but hey, it’s 2012 and all the original ideas have been used.

Some things I just don’t understand:

1. Wearing sweatpants or *gasp* pajamas outside. To go see people. Or go out to eat. Yes, I own sweatpants and even pajamas, but they for the house, to get the mail, or to walk the dog.

I wore sweatpants to school ONE DAY in grade 5. I remember it vividly. They were light heather grey with a light blue stripe running up the side. I was feeling uncomfortable all morning, and then our very well-dressed French VP came in to visit the class. Seeing her in all her Holt Renfew glory made me feel like a bum, so I went home and put on jeans at lunch. I never wore them again. Even on pajama days in elementary school, I was too uncomfortable to leave the house wearing PJ pants. Maybe that’s just a deep-rooted mental issue with me, but people, put on some goddamn normal pants!


2. Dubstep. Okay, this is obvious. Mostly, I don’t get the obsession with Skrillex. What is cool about this guy, who used to be part of a screamo band? You can’t even sing along, what is this nonsense? I could do an entire post on music. I’ll save that for later.

3. Modern video games*  I kind of gave up on buying new systems after the GameCube, and even that I picked up with my Christmas money a year later for a used price of $80. From what I’ve observed from my boyfriend’s PS3, these new games are like mini-movies and have absolutely no multiplayer (or if there is one it is the lamest thing ever) so you’re forced to only befriend people who have their own PS3s and the game itself. And can we implement a mandatory “skip” button for the cut scenes? I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME. I would express my love for my N64 but I don’t want to come off as a douchebag hipster. (Super Mario 64 was the best game of all time, just saying.)
*Portal 2 was actually pretty okay.

This could be 100 different PS3 games.

4. The beautiful orange skin/bleached hair combination. This isn’t unique to me, most people I talk to also don’t understand. That doesn’t stop it from happening, though. Do these girls enjoy looking like fake, plastic barbie dolls? Or was a genuine accident with a drunken hair stylist or a fall into a vat of tanning lotion?

5. iPods 24/7. Yes, I have an iPod, and now an iPhone. I brought it to high school a few times, but the cords tangling were more hassle than they were worth. I don’t care if you listen to your iPod, but it’s the people who act like they cannot live without it I don’t understand. It’s the kids with the earbuds in (whether music is playing or not, it’s still rude) who are trying to answer the clearly annoyed cashier’s questions. It’s the kids who freak out and argue for half an hour with the teacher about why they should be allowed their iPod in class. It’s the oblivious people who have their shitty music on so loud on the subway at 7am that you can hear it through their earbuds when you’re standing 20 feet away.
Hey guys, you will not melt like the wicked witch of the west if you take your earbuds out for an hour. Trust me, you’ll be okay. And the dubstep will still be there when you get back.

Also you probably don't want to get killed because you didn't hear that tractor trailer.

I’m not a complete recluse from people my age. I do go on the Facebook, I Twitter, and I make the blogs.* I can whip up a fine batch of jello shots and waste a whole afternoon looking at university memes on Facebook. I’ve also seen Harry Potter, so don’t come to remove my Generation-Y membership card just yet!

*Completely intended.

This is satire. I repeat, this is satire. Do not be offended. 

394 responses to “Sometimes My Own Generation Confuses Me

    • It’s just a weird form of techno music.

      I have no idea if this is a good example, but there you go ^ 🙂

      • It actually doesn’t really have anything to do with Techno. Don’t confuse Techno with the generel term Electronic Dance Music. Techno is a subgenre of EDM just like Drum and Bass, House or Dubstep. Dubstep origines of Dub, Grime, 2-Step and Drum and Bass.

        Here’s a dubstep track that I really like and a great guy dancing to it:

      • @0.34 the song starts playing jenova’s theme from final fantasy 7. i can’t not point that out. it was the best game of all time.

      • Nice article, I advice everybody in the right mind to keep their facebook accounts to avoid turning in to what has become of me.

    • well, thats a good question. some says it’s message from aliens or the noisse of dinosaurs when they got extincted.
      but the obvious answer is that dubstep it’s a new genre of music with full, deep bass. u’ll need a dj, lots of peuple, some lights an some good pils probably to undersand 😀

  1. Super Nintendo. Best gaming system in the world. In the world. I’m raising my kids on it.

  2. I wore pajamas to school once.
    It was Pajama Day.

    Awesome post! And congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  3. I’m loving your blog 😀

  4. Super Mario was my LIFE at age 7. This post is brilliant.

  5. I’ve long thought that the moment you step outside in sweats is the moment you’ve officially conceded life. I’ve thought this long before EVERYbody started conceding life…

  6. I have also recently heard your generation called the “echo boomers.” Judging by my own 20 and 22 year old, you are unique, so be proud!!! My son is a DJ! Hahaha!
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  7. hahaha…had fun…i too sometimes wonder whats wrong with people who cant get enugh of sms language..
    sometimes its annoying …specially when someone writes back K instead of okay or ok…
    i often feel like asking…what has O done to you …?

    • You’re so right, the most annoying ones are ones that don’t even cut out letters! I remember being friends with these people who used to say “yooh” instead of “you.” I wanted to slap them!

      • What about the people who just add multiples of letters? I am Generation X, so I’m probably just the grumpy older adult griping about “those youngsters” at this point. But I work with teenagers (are they Generation Z?) and I jussssstttttt wantttttt tooooooooo sssssaaaaaaayyyyyyyy that exxxxxtra letters really don’t add emphasis like they think the do.

        Except in my case. I’m Jenn with 2 n’s.


  8. My husband has a medical condition right now on his hip and the doctor actually told him to wear sweatpants for two weeks instead of jeans. But he refused to wear sweatpants out of the house (found another alternative). That’s why I married him.

  9. Nothing like a good rant at the people who bring the impression of our generation right down. I completely agree with all your gripes listed here. More please!

  10. I only have one complaint to this awesome article–Ocarina of Time is the best N64 game, and no that doesn’t make us pretentious hipsters!

  11. Someone explain to me Uggs. It is no longer 2002 and furthermore, if there are water stains on them, it’s time to replace them. I know I’ve just polarized myself from about 95% of female Generation Y, but it had to be said.

    • Yes yes yes x100. I’m in Canada, salt stains aren’t cute! And they’re like $300 or somethings ridiculous. Thanks for the comment!

      • Koreatown in Toronto offers “Ugg Boot Cleaning” just to get rid of those nasty salt stains. I prefer to wear real winter boots…

      • Oh, god, the UGG boots. Even worse when seen with sweatpants TUCKED INTO THEM. Add the greasy-ponytail-because-I’ve-been-too-drunk/lazy-to-shower hair and sloppy hoodie and PERFECT MAKEUP and you have too many of the girls I see here on campus.

        It takes me close to half an hour to walk to campus. I eat breakfast. I dress in a reasonably presentable way every day. I’m on time for class. Ye who live in res have no excuse to skip breakfast (or class) and to dress like that! You’re five to ten minutes from class via the underground tunnels!

        Guys are pretty bad too, but we won’t get into that now because, oh look, I have class.

  12. “Even on pajama days in elementary school, I was too uncomfortable to leave the house wearing PJ pants. Maybe that’s just a deep-rooted mental issue with me, but people, put on some goddamn normal pants!”
    lol – have just posted along similar lines… re: ugg boots and I think I’m generation X, though never got so far as wikipedia to look it up. Enjoyed your post.

  13. I don’t understand the orange skin and bleach blonde hair thing either – maybe they find cancer and severely damaged hair later in life to be sexy. I also don’t get the earbuds thing as well – I really hate having my earbuds in when I’m working out and I can not wait to get those uncomfortable sound devices out of my ears the moment my workout is over. I am also a part of Generation Y and to be honest – I think most of the douchebags that do these things (as well as many other “special” things) are confused themselves. 😛 Good post and thanks for the laugh!

  14. Whoa! Congrats on making Freshly Pressed!

  15. These are so true it is ridiculous! So funny. And I agree with becomingcliche… Either Super Nintendo or even the original Nintendo. Also, I never wore pyjamas on pyjama day. Some sort of cognitive dissonance for me as well.

  16. Allen Capoferri

    Good post. I felt (and still feel) the same of my generation.

  17. I’m one those people who can’t live without their Iphone I’m afraid and as for skrillex thing I kind of understand where you’re coming from but in the club environment it sounds completely different.

    • You know what, yeah I can totally see it being played in a club where you can dance to it. They were actually playing some sort of dubstep mix when I went out last weekend. But on your iPod? Naw. xD Thanks for the comment!

      • It’s no problem, there are lots of things I don’t get either, like those earrings that stretch your ear lobes or people (mainly girls) walking around like a you’ve been tangoed advert.

  18. Haha! Wonderful. Good to know these trends are the same in Canada as they are in the United States.

  19. Not much to say, just that I’m totally with you on this one! But then again, I’ve never been much of a teenager…

  20. Dubstep is only okay when used as an element in songs, not when it’s the whole song. And i don’t know what Skrillex is or why everyone likes him so much because it’s just awful awful noise. Also video games suck.

  21. I agree with you in so many ways. People who wear pajamas in public are just too lazy to put on real pants. And Super Mario 64 IS the best game ever – I still play it on occasion. I also agree with you about modern video games… I hate the sequences they force you to watch because you can’t skip them (not to mention other features of modern video games I don’t like)…

    In some ways I feel like you’ve read my mind.

  22. Funny post, lightly and fresh! I never seen your blog before and I like it! Sometimes you are funny but when you aren’t, what are you?

  23. With culture changing so fast, I really wonder what’s next, because entertainment is becoming more and more instant/for the moment. How much of this current gen’s entertainment (mostly from the 2000s) will people find value in 10 years from now? I don’t think there are anymore classics being made.

    • This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Technology is obsolete maybe a year or two from release now. Well, perhaps not “obsolete” but “old.” Who wants an iPhone 3GS now? Is this going to keep going, are we going to see technology updates every week soon?
      Thank you for your thoughts 🙂

  24. Those damn kids always going on the Facebook and making the blogs! I like your style.

  25. I completely agree with you. However, if dubstep didn’t exist, we would have this:

    (and I don’t know how I feel about that. Also, I may be a horrible person.)

    True story: I no longer run with my ipod because I am afraid to be smooshed by some speedster racing out of their driveway (or that a serial killer whose m.o. is knocking off runners listening to their ipods will get me, and then take my ipod as a trophy. Also, I may be completely bonkers.)

    Fab post here!

    • That is the best video I’ve seen all week!!!

      That’s a reasonable thing to do. A teenager a few towns over got hit by a train two days ago because he was listening to his ipod & texting while crossing the tracks. O_O It happens, and it’s horrible.

      Thank you for the comment and wonderful video 😉

    • yeahhhhhh catsik 🙂

  26. Great to know there are “normal” kids like you out there – thanks for a great post!

  27. I’m generation Y as well and Dubstep totally confuses me. How do you dance to that crap? And I LOVE house and trance but Dubstep is something out of my realm.

    Can’t comment on the blonde hair with tan though – guilty as charged haha!

    • I’m guilty of a little house obsession. I’ve still got some Ministry of Sound stuff on my computer from yearrrrsssss ago. Nothing wrong with that ;D

      Thank you for the comment!

  28. Love this post! I completely agree!

  29. I would add one more to this list: Using txt-speak outside of mobile communication. Text messages may be limited to 140-160 characters, but emails aren’t. Feel free to use slang, but stop it with the ‘mt u @ 7’ emails.

    • Oh my gosh, that sounds so annoying. With all our smart-phones and auto-correct, I feel like it actually takes more effort to type out non-words. Thanks for the comment!

      • It gets worse. I used to work with an Indian guy (who has lived in NZ for most of his life) who dresses like a hip hop singer. He used to write all his work notes in ‘gangsta’, replacing words ending in ‘s’ with ‘z’.
        After a month of reading ‘computerz’, ‘namez’, and other such atrocities I had to pull him into meeting room for a quiet chat. Oy vey.

  30. .I can relate to the ipod obsession and now it has become an iphone. A few people I know act like their life support cord has been removed if they don’t have the iphone or pod with them.

    very nice writeup.

    The thing that confuses me most about our generation is the strange Ugg Boots and jean skirt combination. It’s like there’s an entire group of slutty eskimos walking around.

  32. As a fellow 20 something-year-old, I completely agree with all the points you make, particularly the iPhone addiction. I don’t have one, I don’t want one, and when I see people at the dinner table with their face glued to the screen and ignoring their dinner date, it makes me want to smack the phone out of their hands.

  33. This post truly made me laugh outloud! You are an excellent writer and even though I used to be an aging Malibu Barbie… are correct, it does look odd!

  34. haha, I thought you were going to make me feel guilty with that first one because I’m lounging in my apartment in sweatpants right now. But, I don’t go out in public in them often, and I would never go out in my pajamas!

    I was born in 1990, so mark me part of Gen Y as well, apparently. I have to agree with you on pretty much everything… I just don’t get it.

  35. the bleach hair/tan skin thing… yes… mostly i don’t understand, with all the research behind uv damage to skin, why women still make time to lay in a tanning bed. i don’t like anything about it that process. great post

  36. As a 20 (+10) year old, I still consider myself part of this generation you talk about. And I completely agree with you on many of these issues…specifically Skillrex. I mean seriously, WTF?

  37. I don’t care if I come off as a douche-bag hipster — N64 will always be my favorite. I wish I could erase my memories so I could play Ocarina of Time for the first time again. Or simply revert back to being twelve.

    Dubstep == a cosmic jellyfish getting electrocuted, or perhaps nano-robots farting whilst having sex. Take your pick.

  38. I wonder about the pajamas too. Every day I see these people and some older than me (being on the cusp of gen x and y) and their children growing up learning that bed-ware is okay in public (it is not). I make sure I point these things out to my daughter so she never makes this mistake or worse the next step by wearing little to nothing out in public.

  39. God, dubstep. Dub of all kinds is HUGE, I repeat HUGE here in NZ, from laid back pure dub to the crazy shuffling stuff. I just don’t get it – my partner has been brainwashed, though.

    • Oh no, I hope it’s not contagious. Recently it’s started gaining traction here, but I only am personally friends with one person who does the whole dubstep thing. Thank god!

      Thank you for the comment!

  40. I’m in the same boat as you, I’m 27 and I have no idea what the hell is wrong with most other people about my age.

    I agree entirely with people who show up to classes looking like they just woke up. And even if you did just wake up, try to look presentable people.

    Dubstep? No idea what it is, moving on.

    Most modern video games are garbage because they’re all either first person shooters or essentially movies with a little bit of gameplay thrown in. I just started playing through Final Fantasy 7 for about the 20th time, and it’s still better than pretty much every game released in the past 5 years (although Skyrim was pretty awesome).

    I’m going to agree that they probably want to look like fake plastic Barbie dolls. And as a guy I completely agree, it’s not attractive.

    I mostly use my iPod when I’m driving or when I’m out walking around, never when I’m talking to another person.

    I have a blog, but I use it primarily to talk about books, that I actually own paper copies of (that’s right, no e-reader for me). I don’t understand everyone’s obsession with Twitter, and I actually closed my Facebook account a while ago because I never used it. I haven’t seen the Harry Potter movies, but I have read the books.

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person who feels estranged from their generation.

    • Paper copies of books will always win! I even go to *gasp* the library! I should have thrown that in there too.

      I agree with you for the video games. I didn’t touch on this, but a lot of new video games kind of lack the whole “determination=success” kind of thing. Remember in Mario when you had to try for DAYS to jump over all those platforms without falling off to get the star? I miss that.

      Thank you for the comment!

  41. I love your wit and congrats on being Freshly Pressed. I especially like the “tractor trailer” photograph. Well done!

  42. This is great!!! I share the confusion about our generation…there’s a good chance I was born in the wrong decade. I (gasp) don’t have an iPhone…still love to break out the Super Nintendo…and won’t even go to the gym in sweatpants. I’m quite glad others feel the same.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  43. Gen.Y is unique as it allows multiple viewpoints to coexist like never before!May be that is the confusing aspect!

  44. Great blog and congrats on being on Freshly Pressed! Check out my blog on movie trailer reviews, ThisTrailerSucks.Com!

  45. I hate it when I’m stuck in an elevator full of people and someone is wearing earphones that doesn’t really serve its purpose of ‘lone listening’ because EVERYONE in the elevator can hear the music in their player. If I can only say, “Dude, it’s why you’re wearing an earphone in the first place, so we don’t have to hear your dubstep.” LOL

    • Exactly! At least the elevator, although awkward, isn’t as long as a bus ride. Or a coach bus ride to Florida…oh god…I won’t even get into that story.
      Thank you for the comment!

  46. I have a confession…I love the Dubstep clip you posted. But I’m fuckin’ weird like that. So….*shrug*

  47. Your 3rd point on video games is really not “on point” (PUNZ). No multiplayer? What planet are you on?
    Every single FPS (First Person Shooter) and 8 out of 10 rpg’s on the PS3 and 360 are equipped with online multiplayer, and sorry if the 2 billion people using PSN is not enough of a playing pool for you. I don’t mean to sound bitchy but I seriously HATE when people just pick random topics to blog about and have no fucking clue what they are talking about.
    Next time maybe dotn rely too much on Wikipedia, multiplayer and Co-Op are two different things.
    Other than that, nice post lol.

    • Lol I suppose I didn’t clarify what I meant by “multi-player.”
      I know there’s online multiplayer, hell, I’ve played it!
      I’m just saying that there is very poor “in house” multi-player mode. If your friend comes over and you want to battle each other and have as much fun as good ol’ Mario Kart 64, well, you’re out of luck! (unless you both go home and put on your headsets, but well, that’s not that much fun either)
      Hope that makes more sense.

  48. love dis post…kip it up….consider me a follower from now on.

  49. this is great! I really enjoyed reading this post on my phone while grocery shopping, listening to Dubstep on my iPod, and wearing my awesome PINK pajama bottoms.

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    Some musings by a lovely Y-er

  51. You’re awesome.

  52. I was just talking about this with my mom today and at work earlier. What is it with our Gen Y peers? The lack of professionalism during interviews, the texting and tweeting during classes, the need to have it and have it all NOW. What happened to patience? I have two theories: the side effect of using pitocin during pregnancies to speed up the delivery process…OR kids these days aren’t getting spanked. LOL

    What do you think?

    • Your first point is perfect! I don’t really mind that since, well, it leaves me a better chance of finding a job when everyone else is showing up in jeans. One kid who was interviewing for a co-op position came into my workplace in jean shorts, a skateboard, and a “fitted” (those stupid flat-brimmed hats that are $50 and people always keep the stickers on)

      Those are some good theories for sure! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  53. We still have our N64 and I will not let it go. When I have time for palying games, that is the one I want. It is like playing TV and No one else gets to play with you. And it is all shooting….dull!!! All the things you named I have wondered about (being a 1966 generation w/o a label). Wearing pajamas out is unthinkable to me but my daughter does it all the time. It is not the fault of yoru generation that the music then was so poor. I remember wondering if there would ever be any good music again during that time period.
    This is such a fun post! Congrats on FP!! AmberLena

  54. PS3?! There is your problem right there! Come to the Xbox dark side, we have cookies :). If not, you could express your love for the N64, I’d listen.
    P.S. Grats on FP.

  55. I agree way too much with you, i live in glasgow and i see the same thing. Pretty sad, and the worse with video games now, you gotta download some mad updates that takes hours…. when you just want to play a damn game.
    To be honest, i mis the game boy games T.T they were nice. And all hail super nintendo (ahhh good old kirby game 😀 and mario kart!)

    • Yes, the updates are so silly sometimes. Or when they make you pay $15 to download maps from an OLDER version of the same game? These guys really know how to rake in money, jeez.

      Thank you for the comment!

  56. Jessie Lea Pingle

    I am from Generation X so I am glad at least one Y-er has some sense:) The earbud thing gets on my nerves, ya’all. I want to strangle them with their own hoodie. And the pajama thing isn’t something just Y-ers do, unfortunately. I remember in high school (the 90’s-I know, right? I’m old) wearing pajama bottoms to school. Also, I used to work for a government agency and grown-ass women would appear IN COURT with pajama bottoms on! Arg. Anyways, congrats on making Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  57. This is funny 🙂 I agree with everything you said. This generation is really weird and quite tall don’t you think? 15 year olds are taller than me these days and I don’t like that…
    And btw I’m from Toronto as well 🙂 :)..nice to virtually meet a fellow blogger from the area.

  58. Nice work. I am an X/Yer (born 1979). Although we aren’t technically in the same generation, I must say that I am also confused by the questions you raise about your peeps! Here’s a post I wrote awhile ago regarding the x/y conundrum

    • Thank you! I think all generations are a little weird in their youth. My mom even looks back thinking “why did we all think cat-eye glasses and go-go boots were cool? why?”
      I’ll have a look for sure

  59. This is pretty spot on. I personally miss the themes of the early 90s. Original Gameboys instead of Gameboy DS, intellectual shows, not Teen Mom and Jersey Shore, etc.

    • I don’t mind Teen Mom and Jersey Shore as much as I mind that the characters themselves are getting paid to WRITE BOOKS. How much does that just make you want to slap someone?
      Thank you for your comment!

  60. I think probably wearing sweatpants, jogging bottoms, running trousers (whatever you call them) and pyjamas is a very good idea for general use. They are comfortable, flexible and easy to wear. We need more practical clothes that are also fashionable or trendy – to encourage people to wear them! What’s the point of making ourselves unwell or in pain by wearing highly uncomfortable clothes? And why is it not acceptable to wear these comfortable clothes for going out shopping, going to a party, event, watching a movie – whatever! Tight clothes are not good for our meridian points and general flow of energy. It is our health we need to consider above all else – not fashion. Wearing pyjamas and jogging bottoms in general perhaps should become a trend!

    Thats all for now, and thank-you for your article, JO

  61. Totally agree to everything besides #3 – *hugs Xbox360*

  62. By terrible coincidence, a young man in a city just outside of Edmonton was hit and killed by a train yesterday. Police believe he was playing his iPod so loud, he couldn’t hear the train bearing down on his, whistle blasting.

  63. As someone from the no name generation, I must say, I liked this post. I am not a baby boomer nor am I really a gen’xer. (sad) Congrats on being freshly pressed. (That’s how I found your blog) I try to get over my confusion about the 20 somethings because I greatly love the two who call me mom. If you’re interested in how I do that, you can check out my blog

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  65. being born in the late 80’s…. i would only have to agree with you. lol. [though i must admit, i do wear sweatpants outside of the house].

  66. You mean you don’t like pajama jeans?? 😉


  67. Well said! Hear hear!
    Being a product of Gen-Y, it feels awkward to even just be associated with things like wearing jeans off the bottom, or always having earphones on and the usage of certain words *shudder*… I have my share of fun, and surround myself with all that is of my generation, just not the supposed accepted ‘cool’ way.

  68. I’m 15, and i totally agree with you on the blonde/orange thing. It does not look good in any way, shape or form. What’s even worse is they are mostly the same people who wear those tiny teeny shorts for PE and then hide when the boys are coming because their legs are “fat”.

    • Oh the tiny PE shorts, horrible. I sure as hell know I don’t want to risk my bum showing when we’re doing push-ups and whatnot. I will never understand them!
      Thanks for the comment!

  69. This is hilarious. I love it.

  70. You are fab- all I say is: Agree agree agree. Well done gal!!

  71. If its not a Satire… SO … Its the truth!! This whole Generation Y(Our Generation) is aimless. We can only call names and waste our time behind senseless stuff… Good work Senorita!

  72. I agree that N64 was amazing.. GoldenEye 007 started a multiplayer revolution! But, I have a PS3 and I disagree that modern games’ multiplayer are lame.. if you’re playing the right game. Honestly, there are a lot of crappy games with crappy multiplayer, but that’s because there are so many games coming out now. If you want to play a shooter, anything other than Call of Duty or Battlefield will indeed be lame.
    As for iPods.. I absolutely love music, so I do bring my iPod with me pretty much everywhere.. but not when it’s just going to get in the way.. I agree that there’s a time and a place for them.. you don’t need to waste everyone’s time arguing with your teacher or a cashier.

    • I was always horrible at shooting games, even playing GoldenEye 007 as a kid! Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great game though 🙂 One of the best.

      It does seem very repetitive, the games that keep being released are all shooters and very dark. Except for Portal. I love Portal. :3

      Thank you for the comment!

  73. I use to see girls tuck their pajama or sweat pants into their UGGs on exam days in college. They still do it. I don’t even understand the attraction to UGGs, but that is me. Great post! Made me smile.

  74. Totally in agreement with you – particularly on the sweatpants and orange skin, bleached hair part.

  75. Andrew Anselmo

    Freshman year of high school I wore these ugly orange Halloween pants with black bats on them. I thought it might be cool, however, for reasons unclear to me, I decided to wear them on Nov 1st. That was a horrible decision that I regret. It’s one of those things that you look back on and think, “I was stupid. Why did I do that?”.

    • Hahaha, I think we all have those stories! My school pictures between 7th and 10th grade are shameful. Why did I think a middle part was cool? Why couldn’t I get an actual flat iron for my hair?

      Thanks for your story 🙂

  76. Great post. I’m actually so detatched from the trends of my generation that I can’t give a valid opinion on video games or even dubstep, despite being a big fan of other music! I completely agree about the orange-ness though, and people’s obsession with playing their iPods extremely loud all the time is very annoying. What are sweatpants? (I’m English!)

    I’ve also seen Harry Potter and I do partly keep up with what other people do. I’ve always preferred Twitter to Facebook but I use Facebook more now. But I share your bewilderment at some aspects of our generation’s culture. I was actually born in 1996 so in some ways my peers are probably even more confusing than yours!

    • Sweatpants would be those, fleecy, fuzzy kind of track pants? They’re soft, like pajamas, and usually loose so they’re comfortable. Not very professional looking, but comfy around the house.
      Sometimes the differences across the pond in regards to the English language surprise me!

      1996, that’s treading into “what’s dial-up?” territory. I wish you luck!

  77. Yep, the dubstep thing confuses me too…

  78. You are funny! great post….I used to wonder about my own generation let me tell you although it was very interesting, a great vibe then….Canadian Artsy Boomer
    my son, age 28 is ( dare I say) conservative- preppy
    in style…. but artsy also…. so i guess the beat goes on

    • You’re probably from my parent’s generation, I love their stories about Yorkville in the 60s and whatnot. Every generation has their cool things and their horrible embarrassments. Thank you for the comment!

  79. Great post! I don’t understand any of these things either. Super Nintendo forever!

  80. Dubstep , I am completely with you on that one ! Went to a dubstep event once for the sake of “keeping an open mind” . . . but I had to leave early as watching everyone in the room sway back and forth to the repeated beat was making me dizzy ! lol

    • I can’t imagine what a dubstep event would be like. I’ve been through some events that played a lot of house music, and even that was pretty crazy. Thanks for your comment!

  81. I want to do a post on my blog about this topic but on clothes alone. Our generation has no sense of class. Past generations, no matter how rich or poor, knew how to dress. I look at my grandfathers (who worked in a steel mill) photographs, and you would have thought he was a millionaire. Funny how things change.

    • I agree completely! Do you watch Mad Men? The way they all look so presentable is astounding. My parents are older than my peers’ parents and grew up in the 60s. I was always taught how to fix a run in my pantyhose (yes I wore pantyhose as a child) and to not leave the house looking like a mess.
      Old family pictures are one of my favourite things to look at, I just wish we had more!

      Thank you for the comment!

  82. Oh don’t worry it only gets worst with time. Until you start to notice, everything comes back in style.

  83. I always see people in sweatpants in the mall, I was thinking like it’s just okay if they are dancers of some sort but they aren’t. I just can’t understand how people go for what’s “in style” and still can’t see that they really are looking not soo good.

    thank you for this post. made me know I still kind of normal in my way of thinking as an 18 year-old.

  84. I do #1 for a grocery market or a quiet Starbucks time probably because I am not Gen Y. Haha. But I do totally agree with #4, which is one of the most foolish looks to me. I enjoyed your postint!

  85. LOL the dubstep will be there when you get back… HAHAHAH I know, I can’t stand it when people blare their earbuds so loud, that you can hear it from far away. Retards.. they’re going to be deaf in 15 years. Then it’ll be really cool to play their music that loud. I had a system in my car with 3 subwoofers for as long as I can remember, and even that isn’t as high decibel as having ear buds blaring in your ears up that close.

    • The hearing-damage this is serious! You’re completely right, I remember them even doing studies years ago about it. No one listened.
      Why do they even make earbuds that go to that level of volume? Ugh.

  86. Great post! I’m a high school teacher, and wish more of “Generation Y” thought the same way you do!

  87. When I worked in mags, I saw many #4s. The overall effect was cheap no matter how designer their wardrobe was. Just like color-blinded ness, I always assumed these ladies had saturation-blindness. Hence, the high contrast, high maintenance look.

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    I could not agree more with this girl. Except the stuff about the videogames. Me löööves videogames, even though most old games aare so much better, there is some pretty decent stuff out there now as well.

  89. Here in the UK (ok, I should probably say, here in Essex), sweatpants apparently are a perfectly acceptable piece of wardrobe. You can see them most often on kids, but that does not mean, adults don’t wear them, too. It’s disgusting, one of the defining traits of a chav if you ask me, and something that I have ranted about myself in one of my earlier posts.
    I’m glad someone with a bit of common sense called this nonsense. And got freshly pressed in the process! Congrats!

  90. diaryofasagittarius

    i love this entry. although i am guilty of wearing my pajama clothes outside and house slippers but hey at least i match when i go out lol.

  91. I just saw this and read it. I am part of the X generation (I think, lol). I really enjoyed your satirical look at generation Y. Kudos.

  92. Awesome entry! I was going to blog about our generation’s quirks too. Ah well! I really enjoyed your entry! 🙂

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    I just found this and thought it was very well written and nice satirical look at the generation we Generation X people are raising!

  94. Warriors and Goddesses

    you’re going to go a lot further than your Gen Y counterparts. Great post!.

  95. One of my favourite summer pass-times is horrific fake tan spotting, I just love to giggle at streaky orange legs whilst contemplating “who told you that looks good?!?!”, I love orange hands too. It never gets old……

  96. we love your post and might need to hire you full time! Thanks for the input (

  97. I’m a Gen Y (1980) almost was a Gen X, kinda on the fence 🙂 I’m also Canadian 🙂 but now live in Texas (the heat is BRUTAL).

    Similar thoughts on yoga pants – do not wear these grocery shopping, you will cause men to drop eggs and cartons of milk in your wake!

    Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

    • I can’t imagine the culture shock from Canada to Texas! I would loooveee their Thanksgivings though.
      Hahaha, yoga pants will do that!
      Thank you!

      • I grew up on a farm north of Edmonton, then moved to Calgary for school – that was shocking enough! Texas is actually a lot like Alberta, without the snow. Farms, ranches, universities, and BBQ (my favorite). Not to mention how people are generally pretty friendly in the South. I had such an accent when I first moved here, it’s slowly becoming a twang so the locals understand me 🙂 Austin (capitol) has a diverse population, lots of food, and festivals (which attracks celebs like Johnny Depp, Paula Deen, James Franco…) I still celebrate BOTH Thanksgivings 🙂

  98. That picture you used for the modern video games paragraph is of Battlefield 2 for PC. It is one of the best multiplayer games. But I do agree that now games aren’t as much about how fun it is to play them, but how cool it looks for anyone looking over your shoulder.

    • Yeah, for someone who knows little about video games, looking over someones shoulder at them shooting everything in sight does make them look cool (even if they’re on super-easy mode, I’d never have known!)
      Thanks for the comment!

  99. As a fellow 20-something, I agree. If you’re going out shopping or visiting a friend, you can at least put on a pair of jeans. Leave the PJ’s at home. I’m also on FB and I blog and connect with others in Gen. Y, but there are some habits that just don’t make sense.

    • I can imagine people 50 years ago complaining about their lazy peers always wearing jeans and not nice slacks or skirts. Oh, what would they think of today?

      Thank you for the comment!

  100. I so agree with you on Skrillex. He spends a lot of time in Las Vegas. And his haircut! I don’t get it either.

  101. I think given those scenarios I am happy having been born in the 1960s and a member of the X Generation, though these people have their quirks too.

  102. I’m SO with you… a fellow Generation Y-er, I still yet have to grasp the point in dubstep. I grew up on classic rock and classic metal, so there you are. 🙂
    Sweatpants = workout. Period, end of story. They’re permitted for home use, but in public…? The only people I’m sorta OK with it on-campus is our aquatics team, who come to class straight from the pool, and head right back afterwards.
    Earbuds… They’re my way of reclusion. When I don’t want people to bug me, in they go. That makes up about 3-5% of my time. And I positively HATE when people don’t take them out (or only take out one side) when you talk to them. Makes me wanna jump up and down and yell “pay attention to me!!!”
    The one where we split is video games. I’m a self-admitted gamer, although mostly on PC. I love old N64 and GameCube games (Wind Waker!!!), but I play a lot of “newer” stuff, too… and in certain games, I actually enjoy the whole movie concept. For example, I absolutely loved L.A. Noire, even though it did have a lot of cutscenes and backstory – I just treated it as kind of an interactive movie. 😀

    Congrats on FP!

  103. I totally relate to these points that you have outlined! I feel the same way about some of the individuals I have come across as well! Glad to hear I am not alone!

  104. LOL, and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  105. Follow me ? Idk if people even ask that but whatevs lol (:

  106. Hehe. I love skrillex. Most of his stuff anyway. But then, I’m weird like that.

  107. great article ,good work

  108. Ah, bleached hair and obviously fake tans…who knows what will come next?! Great blog, thanks for posting. 🙂

  109. I’ve had three iPods since 2004 (one washed up on the beach because I didn’t notice that the tide was coming in, one’s battery wore out, and the one I have now), and I like them a hell of a lot more for listening to podcasts than for music. I am an American living in Taiwan, so that’s how I get a lot of American news. I do agree with you on the video games. I think that simpler is usually better and that video games peaked with the original Mario Kart. This generation baffles me too even though I’m a part of it (born in 1982). Great post!

  110. Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss and commented:
    I love your blog, it’s so full of life and things that you write seem to be so exciting to do!

  111. I can only comment from my experience of being born on the edge of the baby boom an gen-x.

    Pajamas outside the home are strictly verboten. When I see girls or guys out with them I think to myself, does the person seriously care what people think?

    As to the iPod thing I must admit, I’m lost without mine. Only I don’t do the cord thing, I have a pair of Motorola MotoRokr S9 earphones. They have pretty good battery life and I don’t have to completely crank it to hear it.

    And I should mention, the iPod Touch has been relegated to the bedroom as an alarm clock and music player. For on the street I have an Android based phone and I used DoubleTwist and AirSync to suck my iTunes library onto the phone.

    A lot of it goes down to my not wanting to deal with the majority of people. And I’m constantly astounded by the folks who see the S9’s plugged into my ears and then try to talk to me about something.

    • Pajama’s outside: No, these people (myself included) do not care what others think. And I’m not talking all “omg anarchy is greeeeat” but just.. Hey, I feel really sorry for you if you waste your energy on what little old me is *wearing*. Yes, I too share the annoyances of those who might wear slippers to the convenience store or god-forbid those seen on PeopleOfWalmart. But a better knowledge of who I am allows me to devote more time on ME and less time wasted on everyone else. And a better ME leads to better relationships, communication, etcetera. :]

  112. You’re awesome, funny, and make a darn good point in some aspects, but you really just sounds like more of a hipster than anything.

  113. My husband is a DJ. So yeah I get to listen to Dubstep all the time. It’s driving me nuts!

  114. Pajamas outside = the spread of bed bugs.

  115. 1. I wear sweatpants when I go to the grocery store (when I’m just going in for one or two things). But when kids wore sweatpants to school…oh no.
    2. Some dupstep is cool. Being a Zelda fan, Ephixa is just super awesome. Other than that, no thank you. Skrillex is not that good to me.
    3. No comment. I happen to love video games with cutscenes.
    4. …Ew. No thank you, do not want.
    5. I love my iPod. I take it with me wherever I go. Do I wear my earbuds all the time? No. When I’m sitting alone, in the library, staring out the window? Yes. At a very loud decibel level where the person just coming through the door can hear it? No.

  116. Wearing pajamas outside.. hahaha. One thing I don’t understand is the whole iPod thing, we can no longer spark a conversation with someone out on the street because it would involve them taking out their earphones and .. i dont know, it just ruins it hahaha

    Great post!


  117. SNES / N64 and Amiga rule…. (ok, so Amiga goes back a bit). I have a 6yr old and have recently had the console debate. WE as a family have a Wii console and have for some time, but there is NO chance of him having anything else so he can go sit in his room conversing with faceless strangers. Not on my watch! And since when should computer games have to be checked for a rating?!? Games should be fun, and innocent, and an escape….don’t get me started on that.
    Totally agree with all other points too, and I’m not exactly ‘old’ (just about the right side of 30) but these things all make me feel much older! It has me thinking of comparitive activities…hmmmm

  118. wonderstruck17

    Oh my goodness I thought there was no one out in the world that understands how I feel about my generation, but I was wrong. Thank you so much for writing this! I have to agree with you on that N64 thing…(although I personally believe Ocarina of Time was the best game but that’s beside the point)
    1. Sweatpants and pajamas on anyone outside of their house just comes across to me as lazy, but that’s just me.
    2. I DISLIKE SKRILLEX SO MUCH. You have no idea haha. The only somewhat dubstep I like is the new album by LIGHTS called “Siberia.” You should check it out 🙂
    3. I have to agree with you on that N64 thing…(although I personally believe Ocarina of Time was the best game but that’s beside the point)
    4. This look will NEVER be in style.
    5. Never gotten into the whole ipod, iphone, ipad mix. I will confess I own a Mac but who wouldn’t….this laptop is amazing.

  119. Spot on with the iPod. It’s pervasive. I’ve always wondered what’s up with the people I see listening to theirs in the car, white ear buds in and everything.

    I’m trying to wonder what would be its equivalent — a consumer product that became pervasive and a pop culture symbol — for previous generations?

    Great post.

  120. Seems like such trends aren’t limited to Canada (and I suppose America too). Happens on a daily basis in Asia too!! Globalisation?


    Super Mario is also one of my favorite games

  122. I miss my 64, I loved that gaming system! My brother still has it I think, might need to borrow it one day.

  123. This is very interesting. Well, Michelle, you are funny and I like your thinking.
    I’m from Jakarta–Indonesia–and you might find tons of million confusion here. To tell you the truth, I am relieved to know that I’m not confuse to see this ‘phenomenon’, in fact, you’re in Canada and you are mentioning same ‘phenomenon’.
    Anyway, in Jakarta, you would see fantastic fashion of girls and boys who dress up like bozo. It is quite rainy these months and girls wearing summer outfit. The boys? Well they are busy acting like hip hop but know nothing about it.

    Even funnier than your fellow in there, here we got college students who oftenly got no idea what they are learning about! What a joke, isn’t it? 😀

    About the games, sorry Michelle, but I like stories from these modern games ;).

    Oh, about the Ipod and dubstep thing… Sadly most of Gen Y here might not even want to notice the essence of music so, honestly, I don’t care about whatever they are listening to.

    P.S. Music nowadays are pretty weird too, don’t you think? 😀

  124. I SOOOO agree with the sweatpants thing. Get dressed people! Let’s look nice for each other 🙂

  125. I think it’s become impolite or bad fashion to just call people insecure or pretentious. Because I think that’s what the whole sweatpants/game systems/nonstop earbud thing is. Consider: if someone in their forties did that shit, you’d call them an idiot or boring or whatever negative word came first. So, how come when our peers do moronic/shallow things we can’t just that? Call it what it is and move on… Unless you can cut something really funny out of them. Or even kinda funny. Shit on those people like a public bathroom.

  126. Sometimes some people can not escape the progress of time. like a digital camera I was selling these. always change the model every month

  127. Amen sister! I have had an issue with people wearing sweatpants out of the house since I was a little kid. Even if I’m sitting home with the kids all day doing nothing, even if we’re sick, I just can’t seem to sit around in sweatpants or pajamas all day. I must get dressed. I don’t know how much effort it could possibly take to put on a pair of jeans before you leave the house. And I am totally with you on the video games. They are super annoying now. I love my wii for the simple fact that you can download old games on it without worrying about blowing on the cartridge to get it to work. 🙂 Great post!

  128. Hi Michelle,

    Wow, this is really an awesome blog that you have here. However, I just wanted to comment and say that I thought that I was the only person that disliked when people wear pajamas pants out in public. It is just downright nasty to me for one those things are like super thin but the killing thing about it is that these girls and guys swear they be cute.

    I feel the same exact way about those ugly snow boots. It kills me watching these girls throw on these snow boots when its all of a sudden a cold snap outside. I thought these boots were to be worn when it snows hence the name snow boots but why wear them if it never snows in your town or community.

  129. P.S. You look like Anne Hathaway in your profile picture. 🙂

  130. Great post! 🙂 The judgment of “ridiculous” comes from a point of view that takes itself too seriously imo. You’re young! (I’m gen X) Be ridiculous and don’t worry about it! Life gets much too serious far too soon.

    24/7 ipods I don’t get either. I’d quickly get sick of even my lifelong favorite music at that rate…

  131. Just a thought from someone who was a 20-something in the 60s. I agree about the PJs and sweatpants, but, to me, your generation is just as okay as past generations and not as generally wild as some. Just hang on awhile — most of your peers will mature. Meanwhile, I can’t remember how I survived before I got my iPad.

  132. I also do not understand the reasoning behind the excessive tanning (self-tanning or using the cancer beds) and essentially making yourself look like a burnt piece of toast. And the tanning beds it also makes you look so much older, so later on you do look like burnt toast.

    I can understand a healthy “glow” or a little color, but there’s nothing attractive about toast.

  133. Honestly, your generation confuses me too….well, except that bit about wearing pajamas in public. I do that. Of course, I’m a Generation Xer who believes in comfort before fashion.

  134. gr8 post…I totally agree with your every word…! I liked the ‘earbuds’ part because it’s really annoying when the person you are talking to is wearing earbuds and at the same time listening to you too….lol
    My mind shares same thoughts and sometimes I question the same way!
    Superlike to your post!

  135. I do not think i belong to generation Y(at least according to your specifications, and i do not have the enrgy to go research it now) but i do sympathise with your puzzlement regarding the strange customs of wearing pajamas outside, being on their phones and i pods all day and looking like barbies(ugly ones at that). So, all my rambling actually means i like ur article.

  136. fromthericefields

    Good post! I agree my generation confuses me, I used to own video consoles but they’re a waste of time, where’s the benefit in it. So I got rid of them, now I’ve got more time on my hands to do other things (That does not include T.V. I don’t bother watching T.V) When I get a family there will be no T.V or video games, why bother, when they can do something more purposeful such as Lego, build, play outdoors, and most of all help out and not get a mind full of violence and fantasy.

    I agree all the newer games are like “choose your adventure” movies.
    As for now a Smartphone for easy portable blogging, Email, Camera, Video, and Notes is good enough for me.

  137. I thought I was alone in thinking these feelings of hatred towards dubstep, loud iPods, and pajamas in public until I came across this blog. Thank you!

  138. Great list and certainly some odd things out there. I don’t know whether or not it’s limited to a certain generation, but along with yourpost #1, a big fashion statement when I lived in New Orleans was wearing curlers still in your hair in public.

  139. I agree with this 100%. So sad & funny.

  140. So glad you find the pajama thing confusing, too. I’m probably 3x your age and I don’t get it at all. It’s as if they think the whole world is their living room. Yikes.

    On the other hand, I’m listening to the dubstep you embedded and I’m enjoying it! Interesting stuff.

  141. prosewithabbitude

    I think the sweat pants wearing is an age thing. In my early 20’s it was an image thing – I had to look good. Now that I am 30 there are certain places you go that you just don’t care what you look like, For example, on Saturday I have no issue wearing sweat pants to the grocery store. I even wore them to a bar once just to see what looks I would get.

  142. Totally disagree with you on the sweatpants thing. I rock designer sweats out on casual nights and sport a pair to play sports and lounge around the house. They’re a versatile fashion piece. Like I know anything about fashion. lol. But, I feel you on everything else. Nice piece.

  143. Mario 64 is the best game of all time. So true. Our generation is lame. But this is a great post! Nice work!

  144. as a person who really loves dubstep i must defend it! im not into ugg boots or sweatpants. you feel really uncomfortable like everyone is staring at you! i’ll never do that again! Dubstep is good to a certian extent the video put up does not sound great. Try somethink like Mt Eden. you can actually hear the music inside the chaos. if you dont like it that’s you’re opinion, i like it, that’s my opinion. lets agree to disagree and not put the dubsteppers down. It’s one thing to dress like you’re homeless its another to like different types of music.

  145. Being born in 1973 I am from what is known as generation X, but I can relate to everything on your list. Like the bleach blonde hair/orange skin. That was a very popular look amoungst teenage/twentysomething girls back in the 80s when I was growing up. And I love my N64. Mario64, the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Banjo-Kazooie the best video games ever. Blacks Ops can shove it as far as I’m concerned. I have an iPod but I mostly listen to it plugged into my car stereo where I can play it loud enough to drown out my singing. Im guilty of wearing my pajamas and sweats out a lot. Im exhausted most of the time and if I have to go somewhere and I’m in my sweats or pjs I’m not taking the time and energy to get dressed. I have nobody to impress. I’ve reached the point in my life where I just don’t care.

  146. This was wonderful. You know, I once wore sweatpants to school in 5th grade as well. This mean kid actually stood up and told the class “I think wearing sweatpants makes you look like you had an accident in your pants.” Well… in ruder words. Needless to say, I was mortified, and never wore sweatpants outside my house/ exercising again.

  147. hackitudemagazine

    haha funny

  148. Awesome rants! Being Canadian however, you have to admit that trackpants were part of a regular rotation, =).

  149. I completely and totally agree with the no pajamas in public rule. I know they’re supposed to be comfortable, but I just feel *wrong* being outside in public in clothes I’m supposed to sleep in.
    When I was at university, I actually made a concentrated effort to wear pajamas to class. I used to be all fashion-y, wearing my skirts and my heels even to an early class. I used to get so many comments, but I wanted clothes to be fun! But everyone seemed to want to roll out in their weird sweat pants with words on their butts (what’s up with that one?) so I tried for one day. It was probably the worst day of my college experience. I felt horrible.

  150. Don’t sweat it. I didn’t understand my generation either. I think each generation is just a parody of itself. I happen to think that your generation is destined to accomplish great things. I included a link to my post, just in case you didn’t believe me.

  151. Good grief, I freaking hate dubstep. My roommate plays it and I want to die when she does. My friend recently gave a good portion of his broadcast on his radio show about how much he hates dubstep and skrillex.

  152. Suddenly I don’t feel like the “old guy” anymore! Awesome!

    1. I’m a student, so can’t say I dress well on a daily basis (only ever in a suit when I absolutely cannot get around it/my lecturer threatens me at gunpoint/I’ve forgotten to do the laundry… I view the three-piece suit as a punishment for being that lazy) as hoodies, jeans and geeky t-shirts is the name of the game here. I have never, nor will I ever, wear PJs in public (or gym clothes. Unless I’m going to the gym). For the record, the martial arts gi does not count as a PJ. It is far more comfy, and looks ridiculous enough to worn in public with no shame.
    2. Dubstep is lost on me. Most of the stuff from the last decade is lost on me. If it’s a sound not made by old-fashioned instruments or it’s been auto-tuned I will honestly not be able to tell you what it is.
    3. I still play N64 XD That being said, I love the new games. They just look better, and some have amazing storylines (like Heavy Rain). But I’ve never been big on this whole online gaming thing. I enjoy my games in solitude, thank you, or with three others on-screen in Mario Kart 64.
    4. I stay by my statement that a girl usually looks her best with minimal make-up on. Or no make-up, even. Sometimes I feel like going up to these girls and drag my finger across their cheeks just to see how much paint I come away with.
    5. While I enjoy Apple products more than is good for me, my iPod stays tucked away when I’m with others. It’s just manners, really.

  153. I had to laugh when I read #1. I was just in a Subway (sandwich shop) the other day when I saw several teenagers in their pajama pants? I was baffled. Great post.

  154. It’s ok but i guess for real music listeners i can see why this would bother them. Loving the cat video though -,o

  155. in China, we never combine 80’s with 90’s even it’s early 90’s, because we have totally different defintion or recoginition on this 😉

  156. Awesome freaking post – sums up my life (born 1987.) The pajama thing I don’t get either and skrillex is a sad example of how unappreciative we are of performance-based talent. Pressing buttons on a stage isn’t impressive. He probably has ghost producers also, he doesn’t look that smart or bright. When I used to do radio I would rant about everything you posted …:)
    I would add though to that list hipsterdom ….I don’t get it.

  157. My bad, you mentioned hipsters with the n64 shit. =]

  158. New to the blogging scene, but I really enjoyed reading this post. Love the topic and the style!

  159. I love N64! It’s the only game system I play and I don’t believe I’m a hipster 🙂

  160. Reblogged this on Line Press'er and commented:

  161. Totally agree with you about these! Especially the one about blonde girls with orange skin. That annoys me more than anything. I recently posted about “Generation Z.” Can’t wait to read more of your posts!

  162. great post….i really enjoyed reading ur post……waiting for ur post on music…..

  163. I agree to all your thoughts… nice post.

  164. i agreee with you on some points…like fake hair color and the video game
    god i hate playing video games and i can’t even watch anyone playing that
    i prefer playing Games with real people in real environment
    go out get some fresh air and move your body a little..anyways we are stuck on office chair for more than 10 hrs.

  165. The beautiful orange skin/bleached hair combination, I don’t like too. But here in Manila, it’s the mostly the GUYS who dye their roots with the “beautiful combination”. (and then they sulk when their crushes friendzone them)

  166. If you were an American, I feel your views would be a little different.

  167. Hi, this is wonderful blog. I liked it.!!

    Bharat City

  168. “Sometimes My Own Generation Confuses Me”.

    Hmmmm… Nice topic

  169. You’re a riot! I love this post! I actually clicked on it cuz I can def relate – I’m also 20-something female and not totally understanding what’s goin’ on with our generation sometimes, lol…. Maybe this is just sign that we are growing up and *gasp* getting old(er). 😉

  170. 🙂 what a great start to my morning. You are doing great if you DO offend some people. Or at least rattle them slightly 😉 I like your style x

  171. YES. I really don’t understand the entitlement that comes with owning an iPod or iPhone (I’ve never owned one). I mean, sure listen to your music, but why keep them in when talking to someone or ordering something?!

    Also, lovely comment about the PS3 game picture. Hella true (I probably have played 30 of the possibilities)

  172. As an Xer I have many things that make me wonder about my own generation… however we now have children, so I think it’s too late. Good luck world.

  173. hello, classic confusion,

    haha, i love the puns! methinks all generations have their crazy obsessions and fetishes that aren’t quite explainable to older folks. you ought to have seen the hairstyle of the 80s, as well as the shoulder pads and the multi-color tops. there’s a lot of them in old mtvs, haha. ^^

    oh, things and fashions may not make a lot of sense sometimes. so’s the attitude. but then, who cares? maybe that’s the message of your generation… ^^

    and you profess to be a card-carrying member, huh? ^^

    an amusing post, deserving a place in FP… cheers! 🙂

  174. yeah.. you couldn’t be more right… Actually I’m happy you wrote this post.. I was already beginning to worry I was the only one that has this idea 😛

  175. I was more of a Tekken and Spyro kid on the ps1
    But I feel ya! Don’t worry not all gen Y’s are like this… I hope
    Actually I think majority aren’t, it’s just the annoying ones that stand out.

  176. Humanity has evolved more and more every generation. But no one ever said we had to use it wisely.

    Now lets go buy some ridiculous merchandising instead of pursuing a meaningful cause. =P

  177. great post…agreed verily!

  178. “but hey, it’s 2012 and all the original ideas have been used”…

    That explains so much…

  179. I agree with most everything you said. I did grow up in the suburbs of Chicago though, and learned that diversity is something of “value”… Or something like that. I believe in comfort 24/7. Sweat pants are one of my staples and without them I just wouldn’t be ‘me’. I’m wearing them now. I wore them on campus today. I have no shame, I am top of my class. What I wear does not define who I am. (Which is why I totally agree with the tan/orange combo). When we change who we are to benefit others, we are stealing the benefit away from ourselves.

  180. Thank you for your reply to my previous comment. I just want to say also, well done for being at the age where everyone is into these gadgets and games and yet having a different perspective on them. I feel deeply concerned myself with the concept of everyone having earplugs constantly plugged into their ears. We mustn’t forget in this world that there are beautiful sounds to hear too: birds singing, sound of the breeze, rain splashing on pavements etc. If you constantly have something plugged into your ears you will miss out on all this. Also we mustn’t forget to talk to one another – its so easy to communicate through technology nowadays through a quick text or email, but it does not compensate for human to human communication.

    I also realize that the world is a harsh place to live in many respects and we all have difficulties to contend with on a day to day basis. We are inundated with the negative energy of town and city life: electromagnetic stress, poisonous fumes, toxic chemicals and over stimulation of our senses from constant advertising everywhere we go, a huge amount of mobile phones all in use at the same time, wi-fi, mobile phone masts etc etc. These things have more of a negative impact on us than we truly realize. With the general stress of living it is no wonder people wish to blot it all out by plugging earphones into their ears constantly and trying to hear a better sound. To read more about these stresses and health hazards see some articles on my blog!

    Also, I do not play these computer games myself and am not familiar with them at all. But by your picture it looks like there is a lot of shooting, killing and war games involved. Why are we being encouraged to play war games? What result does this have? Games should be encouraging a positive message to make people feel better. e.g. how many flowers can you pick in a garden? How many fruit trees can you plant on this plot? How many people can you hug? etc…

    Ok, keep going with these articles and I hope you inspire many others with what it is like being a 20 something in this era. I believe it must be tough. But I hope you help to inspire a generation of new people who can help to make this a better world. After all, we are depending on young people to change things in the next phase of life on planet Earth. Did you know that we are at a turning point in the Earth’s history now, 2012?

    Thank-you, hope I have not written too long a comment here, but if you want to read about any more of these kind of issues please see my website/blog: JO

  181. I hate those people who wear their earphones while purchasing items at the till. It is so annoying, and the cashier is clearly frustrated at the thought of having to serve this partly-deaf-to-the-outside-world person. Just take them out!
    Great post!

  182. I totally agree with this post

  183. This is absolutely hilarious! I’m fifty, and feel the same about sweats. I have kids in their twenties, and can relate to the whole gaming thing, as well as dubstep (my youngest son taught me about this form of… music). Great post! I’ll have to check out more when I can.

  184. This is HILARIOUS and I totally agree!!!!!!

  185. I’m afraid I do wish we lived in a world where you could wear joggers ANYWHERE. They’re just comfy lol. Don’t put me in the holding pen with the orange barbies please!! 😉

  186. I have a feeling we are kind of soulmates!
    While reading your post I just kept nodding to myself an grinned like a kid on Christmas day!

  187. So agree with you! Fad and obsessions come and go as quickly as air with our generation!

  188. I’m a Generation Y and I agree with everything you’re saying, especially the trackies, dubstep, and the cut scenes in games – my boyfriend is obsessed with them and I’m not allowed to cut anything >.> heck, I especially agree with everything you say! 😛

  189. We are a weird generation. I do like wearing sweatpants though. Too comfy to care.


  190. I completely agree with you! All of the above things – especially the ipod obsession – not only baffle me but annoy me. Glad to know I’m not getting old fashioned and that there are other people of our generation who agree with me 😉

  191. Reblogged this on Danielle Lauren Bufton and commented:
    I actually adore this, and totally understand the confusion!

  192. lmao, i agree with all of it, I’m 24 and feel like I’m 84 because i get aggravated by people walking around outside in PJ’s, music which is just pounding noise, along with the “dancing” which accompanies it.

  193. Last night at a late birthday celebration, I mentioned to my friends my love affair with the WordPress family. You see I have been a member for about five years. Currently I have a non-profit poetry site show casing my poetry work as well as two of my published poetry books.
    My first observation: I enjoyed the insight to the mind of a twenty year old. As far as age, I believe I have sneakers in my closet older than twenty years. Second observation: I believe we can all write of personal experiences “without” using the word “GodDam.” That in itself is classless.
    Third: Truthfully, I never thought I had anything of value to offer the world until I was in my early 40’s…..and I was jerky in part….then. Today, now over the Seventy mark, I have finally got to a place, that I am halfway happy with my creation, as well as very thankful for my life.

  194. With you except for the dub step and video games, 50/50 on the iPod. Skrillex is popular because he gets a alot of attention, there is some really well done dub that most people have no idea about. Modern video games, i avoid them say for RPG’s and the odd action title for the reasons you listed. iPod at all times, i’m guilty of this but i will at least take off the headphones or pause the music if i’m trying to communicate. great post.

  195. I’m 23. Totally with you here. Who are these people? Equally, though, deprive me of Twitter and I’ll be sad.
    Here’s to those of us who don’t quite fit the stereotype??

  196. In Norway, I have to say that we can totally get away with wearing sweats everywhere. At every time. I think we are over-the-top-casual, because it seems like people in every other country looks great every day at school/work/whatever. At my school, friday = sweatpants-day. It’s kinda awesome. So that one I actually do understand. When it comes to the colour orange, I don’t get it… Who wants to look like a freaking orange? And I have no idea what dubstep are? Generation Y is really…hard to understand. It confuses me. Except for the sweats. Like I said, totally get it. Congrats on the freshly pressed!

  197. I think putting dubstep in general and Skrillex in the same category is such a shame. He has tainted what I believe can actually be good music. Nothing beats listening to Mimosa on a bright day while drivin down the steamy freeway.

    Mimosa 😉

    Everything else, I completely agree with. I especially don’t understand those hot-dog skinned ladies.

  198. Love this, love you.
    A fellow Generation Y gal.

  199. uh-huh. I agree. But then again, most of our generation don’t understand me either, so I guess we’re even…

  200. My take on wearing PJ’s in public is that they are infinitely better than seeing young (and old) men saggin’ with their undies and butts hanging out for all the world to see. The saggin’ fad has long reached an expiration date. So, Young Men Of The World Unite! And pull up your freaking pants, and don a belt too while you’re at it. Another big pet peeve of mine is people swearing in public, so not cool. Does this bother anyone else, or is it just little ole me? With too many young people swearing is like a second language or something. And so many people do it like it’s the most socially acceptable thing to do in the world. Like public displays of affection, if you must then keep it indoors and out of sight, or in the case of swearing, out of earshot too. That is all.

    By the way I write a music blog, so I’m totally cool with dubstep. When it comes to music, to each their own. Peace.

  201. Essentially, I have to agree. I am confused by our generation (I am just barely 25 for reference). But not for all the reasons you gave.
    1. There have always been embarrassing fashion trends, in almost every generation for… well probably always. So I don’t see what is very confusing about this one.
    3. I hate FPS games, they suck, I agree. But, surprise, there are other types of games available! I play lots of video games, across different consoles, and I don’t play a single FPS, and I don’t waste half of my time in cut scenes either.

    What mostly confuses me about this generation, is tanning beds. They have been proven to drastically increase incidents of cancer, and yet young people still go to them religiously. When asked why they still go despite the statistics, they say “I would rather be tanned” or “I’ll deal with that later”. Having terrible fashion that you can look back on when you are 40 and laugh is one thing, doing something to your body over and over until it is almost guaranteed to give you cancer by the time you are 40? Not so funny.

  202. The pajama thing really gets me. I mean, you are in public, people, and not at home, so put on some fricken clothes. I’m just sayin.’

  203. Fellow Generation Y here! And I’m just as confused by our generation! I sat in class next to a guy that made me want to throw his iPod out the window (if only they opened, sigh). I just don’t see how anyone can listen to their iPod blaring music during class.

  204. I agree wholeheartedly with your list, especially #4. Orange skin — who on earth thinks that is attractive? The mind boggles….

  205. Hi all, i’m a french guy, and in france when a i was a little kid, sweatpants was exclusely weared by prisonners…
    i like your blog!

  206. just a word about others parts of your post
    Video games became too much violent from the nintendo 64, my children wont have any DS or PS
    Did you know that if you want to fully load mp3 in your ipod legally, you could buy a nice ferrari with the money you should need!!!
    a few days ago, i saw youg lovers ( about 17 years old) in the tube, they was sitted listening their own music, and writing message on their own phones, and during 10 minutes, they said nothing; they just began to do it, but they stopped because the girl’s phone had received an answer to her last message. so she began to answer, and her boyfriend phone ringed, and so on….i’m sure that at their home, they turn on computer to go chatting on facebook…i wonder when they really speak together!!!

  207. I agree about the iPod part. Me for example – I cannot listen to music when I’m in a grocery store alone. I just cannot focus and end up not getting everything I need. How can you concentrate and not be treated as ignorant when you always have the ear-buds in?

  208. I’m Generation X, and I still haven’t figured us out, so I’ll be no help with Generation Y. Heck, I’m barely aware that something called dubstep exists…

    Man, I feel old…

  209. It’s just bad manners. Us Baby Boomers have not done a good job teaching our Generation Yers (Is that the correct name?) good manners. I am a retired school principal, and I can’t tell you how manytimes I saw pajamas at school – not by the kids, but by the parents. Yuk! I’m with you, put some damn clothes on.

  210. hollybriannacline

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  211. Could agree more with you on that! Nice Post… 🙂

  212. Preach on it! I hate the damn pajama wearing outside. uh…

  213. very funny and really great post. all these trends are almost same everywhere.


  214. Shruti Trivedi

    how very true!!

  215. Not going to lie to you, I’m Gen Y and I’m scared for the NEXT generation. I feel like we all had a ‘niche’… Ours seems to be political activism and social and civil liberties…

    The next generation down (the 2008- forward grad years) —- their niche is ‘entitlement’ and they don’t fight for anything. I don’t know why they don’t but it scares the shit out of me.

  216. I love the list. However, I have to point out that Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for Super Nintendo was the best game of all time. Just sayin’.
    I get you on the multiplayer aspect. Anytime you want to play against somebody it has to be online and your opponent is some 12yr. old kid who lives across the country and has the mouth of a pirate.

  217. I’m the type of guy who listens to music almost incessantly (In fact I am right now, though not dubstep…thankfully) but at least i have the decency to take them out when interacting with other humans.
    Good Post
    P.S. you’re right, tracksuit bottoms outside feels weird, almost like I forgot to get dressed and should be ashamed of myself.

  218. Sweat pants fine but then again lets talk more about the babie dolls with not only orange skin, blond bleached hair but your forgot the thong hanging out like its a tag to pull on! There is a 9 years old little girl in my house, i am scared of what she will be like at 15! She already wears skinny jeans (which are ok for now) but the rest scares me! Fashion Now seems like a mix of 80’s and 2012 for the close i don’T understand it at all!!

  219. I totally agree with you on all of these point. I have never (and will never) wear sweatpants in public. In fact, I’m not even much of a jeans person and I don’t own any t-shirts. People who think they are “breaking the norm” by wearing jeans and t-shirts all of the time are ironically hilarious. I am by dressing up every day. See how that works?

    And ditto on the video games. I absolutely LOVED the n64, and the super Nintendo, and even the game cube had some good ones. Other than Fusion Frenzy, Halo 1, and Soul Caibur, the new systems (for my husband and I it’s Xbox) just isn’t as fun. The games aren’t easy to pick up and play at a get-together. It’s a whole learning experience and no matter what you can’t be as good as the person who has been playing the game for hours. And NO) it is not fun to watch someone else play campaign mode. What a crappy party host!

  220. Do we live in the same place?
    Oh… no, apparently not. Weird!

  221. I sign this.

  222. Fantastic post! And you’re not the only one who’s sometimes (or in my case, often) confused by our generation! 😉 Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  223. Your blog amuses me! Yup, the modernisation of this society has brought out many sides of a human being. Sometimes I wonder if I was weird or people around me are. Fortunately, birds of the same feather flock together hence I would still end up hanging out with people like me than with people on the other end of the spectrum!

  224. Very funny and so true about our generation! i’m scared to see what my future kids are going to be doing with what we all do now, haha!

  225. Love your words… Somehow, this is so familiar to me. Im from Mexico City, and have my own space to write in one of the best mkt magazine here in Mexico. And the Generational theme is my inspiration source.. So, I am pretty sure you had to took Spanish lessons, and well this is your chance to practice it. Please read it! (

  226. We completely agree with you!! Even blogging in the modern world seems overwhelming, compared to the ease we see a lot of younger kids have on an iphone, uploading a shirillex song in miliseconds.

    Sweatpants are the new trouser! paired with flip flops. We’re fools for throwing on our denim to be casual. Maybe we’re moving forward, since fashion use to be about restraining ur body with various under garments.. but im not sure what we’re moving toward, perhaps a new age of The garden of Eden?? Nudity may be the new Sweat suit.

    Modern Video games can scare us, i mean why are guns legal, if teenagers can simply map out their school in some of these gaming simulations? It’s all feeling too troubling, what potential is around the corner.

    And we do love our Ipod/iphone… but apple is on the way down, Android’s are apparently the future, so we better get on that ship before it takes off!

    Great post, we look forward to more confusion 😀

    The Eye

  227. Oh, cool. I’m still in Generation Y. Lately, I’ve been feeling like an old fart hahaha!

    I’m guilty of just one — No. 5! I have to have my iPod with me everywhere. I can leave my iPod Touch, but my Shuffle is always somewhere on my person.

    Funny post especially the disclaimer at the end!

  228. If you’re looking for unique games, I suggest you look into the indie scene. Lots of excellent unique games there, and the big publishers are actually recognizing and publishing some of these games.

    Since you like SM64, I think you’d really like Terraria. It’s available on the Steam network (

    Great post!

  229. You’re not alone. I don’t fit in this generation either.

  230. I already get the feeling that Im like 2 generations after you. Being only 14 and all (Me),But I feel your pain bud. I rant about people as nicely as I can, (SOmethimes not so well)

  231. Love this. I never want to see anyone’s sweatpants or pajama pants unless they are at the gym. I am eight months pregnant and I wouldn’t be caught dead in public with either of them, no matter how giant I am. If someone were also sporting an orange glow and bleached hair with their pajamas, my head could very well explode.

    As for dubstep, it has really grown on me. My husband loves it and plays it around the house and at first I didn’t get it. But I am becoming a fan.

    Awesome post.

  232. Oh dear, I think we might be the same person! (Sweatpants in public – ugghhhh…) Although I’m likely much older than you. I’m moving to Montreal next month and will be trying to speak French occasionally as well. I look forward to reading about your adventures along the way!

  233. I really enjoyed this post. I don’t get the whole sweatpants thing either. The whole dubstep phenomenon has baffled me also. I just don’t get it.

  234. Yup, totally agree! It’s even scarier when you see some of our generation in the work place. Who comes to get an application for a job in a sweatshirt? Or who don’t show up to work, and then wonder why they are in trouble? Seriously, I fear for the future.

  235. The pajamas in public thing seems to be strictly a North American thing (I’m American). I’ve been living in Spain the past year and a half and people in Europe do not do that here. I wore sweatpants (combined with a sweatshirt) to college once in class and it just felt so weird, I never did it again. I don’t even have sweatpants here in Spain. Huge fashion no-no.

    Oh and the ipod… I don’t own an Iphone. I have been given an Ipod shuffle and an mp3 player as presents and I don’t use them. Not a huge music listener and it irritates me to no end when I am on public transportation and some idiot is listening to his Ipod loud enough for me to hear. You can survive without having earbuds jammed into your ears 24/7! Great post!

  236. I always got too paranoid to wear an iPod around…trying to go grocery shopping with it was a nightmare. Everyone was staring at me. I was in everyone’s way….no no no it was no good.

  237. You just have to play the right games! Skyrim FTW

  238. A point by point response:
    1. Wearing sweatpants out – actually an awesome phenomena – especially if they’re tight ladies! Very casual dress should be more acceptable.
    2. Dubstep – sometimes good, sometimes awful. It reminds me of reggaeton – it’s like one song that somehow got converted into an entire genre of music. But it must hit a real human chord to grow so fast
    3. Modern video games – they suck. I hope the world ends before we get to Madden 2074. What happened to ORIGINALITY?
    4. Orange skin/bleached hair – agreed. Gross.
    5. iPods 24/7 – agreed. Take off your stupid Dre Beats headphones.

  239. Yup, I’m a 20-something from Canada also in the GTA at McMaster.

    What strikes as more amazing is that as we progressively get attached to these stupid fads we lose sight of the things that really matter. I take the bus to my classes, and people will pop in their ear buds, zone out for the hour trip, and only take them off once they’re in class listening to the Professor. DO YOU HAVE NO INTEREST IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD? DO YOU CARE THAT THE BUSDRIVER WANTED TO SEE YOUR ID CARD AGAIN?

    Nope these kids just walk on by…


  240. I was born at the ass end of 1979. Technically a gen y’er but raised with two Gen X’er older siblings.

    I must be gettin old because although I like a little dub step, I sure do miss 90’s music.

    I don’t get skinny jeans.

    The retro 80’s style is lame at best.

    The current younger generations have no Kurt Cobain, no 2 Pac. An actual full album consisting of 5 or more hit songs is now unheard of in the age of the “make a quick buck” single.

    And unless I’m referring to a lord of the rings scene, I won’t be using the word “Epic”. To describe anything.

  241. Not to be so nit-picky, but I get a little testy when people use the term “screamo” in order to describe music that uses harsh vocals and a lot of fast drum beats. I’m very much in the metal scene and it just irks me. First of all, “screamo” is not a genre. Just a generalization that I’m getting tired of hearing. Second, most bands that are referred to as “screamo” actually fit into the post-hardcore genre. This would be bands such as Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, maybe Alesana (their old stuff), and many other bands as well. There are many genres of metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Symphonic Metal, Hair Metal, etc. One band, Apocalyptica, fall into what could be considered as, and usually is, “Cello Metal” because their a band of Cellists that have vocalists from other bands sing with them. I mainly just wanted to clear up the fact that “screamo” bands don’t actually exist. Another misconception about metal is that metal bands are satanic. I’ll tell you honestly, Christian metal bands exist and they are some of the scariest bands you will ever hear. They are terrifying. And it is a lot harder than it sounds for a harsh vocalist to do what he/she (yes, there are harsh vocalist women. Lacey Mosley of Flyleaf -a band of all Christians- does amazing harsh vocals, same with Lzzy Hale of Halestorm and Otep Shamaya of Otep) does without completely damaging their vocal chords. Of course, this is something all singers face eventually, but harsh vocalists have to go through a lot more training in order to learn how to achieve inhale screams and exhale screams. And yes, there are various techniques in order to differentiate sounds. Not one vocalist sings two songs with the same sounds. An example of a rough vocal attempt would be the frontman of Job For A Cowboy, on the song Entombment of a Machine, he does an amazingly piercing scream on the studio album but he can’t repeat it live because it threw out his voice for a few days. He learned from his mistake but that one scream gained them so much recognition for their album. I’ll be honest, I don’t understand this generation either. And I was born in the early 90’s. Sorry for going on a long rant. 🙂

  242. I thought I might agree with you COMPLETELY, N64 was a freaking awesome system and i will still always choose Super Mario over any new game.

  243. I feel so much older then I really am.. I’ve never even heard of dubstep. I still listen to bands like Mc5, or Iggie and the Stooges. My 4 year old does her best to educate me on current affairs, but these new and modern ways confuse and frighten me.

  244. I am completely with you on the iPod thing! I just don’t understand why people have it in their ears all the time. The cords tangling is exactly why I don’t use mine outside my home, usually, though I also like interacting with my world.

    I’ll chalk up your aversion to modern video games to the fact that you’re a girl (of course there are girls who enjoy them, but they’re a rare breed), though I am with you 100% of the way on your love for the N64. I love Super Mario 64 as well as Banjo Kazooie and Tooie, and Donkey Kong 64. 🙂

  245. I could not agree more vis-a-vis dubstep and fake tans. But even though I know it’s satire, is it okay if I get offended anyway? I enjoy taking offense.

  246. I don’t understand the whole tan thing either… and those thin belts as excuses for a skirt? Whats that all about!?
    Great blog btw, look forward to reading more! 🙂

  247. Great post I think wearing the earbuds 24/7 is my biggest pet peeve about our generation. Congratulations on being freshly pressed!