10 responses to “Opinion: The University Logo

  1. thirtyfourflavours

    are you going to glendon??????

    quick thing! you won my thirty four flavours winter prize pack contest. 😉 send me your postal addy to thirtyfourflavours@gmail.com and i’ll post out your gift next week.

    happy snowy weekend belle!


    • Yes, I can proudly say I am! 🙂 Very excited.

      Wow, thanks! I’ll send that right along. Have a great weekend

      • thirtyfourflavours

        i went to glendon too! well i graduated in 1996. gulp. it was a lot of fun…! i took courses at york main in my later years. it was a good balance. i’m posting your prize pack tomorrow. enjoy and tell me how it goes!

        • Ah, you’re just making me more excited for September. ;D They’re supposed to be opening that brand new building that’s supposed to be beautiful and full of light and study space.

          Thanks again!

          • thirtyfourflavours

            really? the campus must be so different than what i remember it. i liked it because it reminded me of the film ‘dead poet’s society’…verr harvard campus like. people were so much nicer and friendlier too. at the bottom of the lib there were neat lil nooks to study and sleep. 😉 keep me posted. take some pix for your blog too please.

          • Of course I will! I don’t think there’s a more photogenic campus than Glendon

          • thirtyfourflavours

            agreed. 😉 nice tree posting post. p.s. posted your goodies yesterday.
            mel xo

  2. thirtyfourflavours

    west side to your east side…brraap.