September Can’t Come Fast Enough

Alright, so I keep having horrible dreams about my old job. Unless I find a new place to work, I’ll have to go back there in March. I don’t know what I’ll do if they won’t let me change departments. I can’t do cash anymore. I just can’t. I’m sick of others’ disorganization affecting my job, and I couldn’t do anything about it. At least when you water plants all day, no one can yell at you about returns (well, for the most part.)

There’s a bunch of government programs to set students up with public service summer jobs, but unfortunately I don’t qualify as a “student,” even though I’ll be in school in September. Whatever, government. Whatever.

Even temp jobs require experience! I’m trying to word my experience on my resume to be a better description of what I really did at my jobs, but I worry they just see the word “cashier” and ignore the rest. Actually, I set up appointments, followed up with product requests, directed phone calls, taught managers/supervisors how to work the computer system, set up accounts, etc. It was much more than just scanning the item and taking the money.

I hate this generation. In my parents’ day, when they graduated from high school in the early ’70s, there was no problem getting an entry-level office job. It was expected. Now Wal-Mart requires 3 interviews. Receptionist jobs require a bachelors degree. It’s insane.

Can’t it just be September so I can go to school? Hopefully I can get a job on campus. Hopefully.

I don't even want to start a countdown of the days. It will just be depressing.

I suppose I’ll have to go through and re-word all of my biographies and “about me” now that I know what I’m doing. Super fun!


2 responses to “September Can’t Come Fast Enough

  1. I always list my cashier job as ‘Customer Service’ on my resume… It makes me feel betteer, because I did a lot more than just man the register, like you said.