Definition of Insanity

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. (I tried to look it up to get it right, but it looks like there’s no “correct” quote, and I’d rather not read the whole thing.)

I’ve set up my online account for applying to universities (in Ontario, we have one system that coordinates all of the universities, and you apply through them), and I’m so close to getting it all done.
The road block? I log in, go to “order choices,” and see the total I’m going to have to pay: $498.

Four hundred and ninety eight dollars.

So I log out, leave it for a bit. The next day, I think “wow this has to get done,” log back in and see the numbers again. I then proceed to freak out about it, and leave it for the next day.

Do I think it will magically change overnight? That the universities will have a sale on their applications? Or maybe they’ll realise how ridiculous those supplementary fees are and drop them?

Either way, I’ve just got the bite the bullet. I’m sorry, VISA card, this has to be done.

*silent weeping*



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