I’m Really Not Superstitious, Most of the Time…

Usually reserved for your crazy grandmas or the families of your Chinese* friends, superstitions are just something that not many people admit to nowadays.

*I’m not stereotyping, read more about Chinese culture. And get off my case!

I don’t partake in any of the classic ones about not opening umbrellas indoors, breaking mirrors, or avoiding passing under ladders. Plus, those black cats are usually friendly.

No, my superstitions lie in “jynxing” things.

Pokemon has permanently damaged my brain.

Ahem…”jinxing” things. It seems that every time I got excited about something as a kid, it wouldn’t happen. That summer we were finally going back to Vancouver to visit for the first time in years? Fell through after I told all the kids at school. That time I started picking out what I would buy with my employee discount at The Shoe Company after my awesome interview? I didn’t get the job.

It kind of falls into the “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” saying, but it’s different. I feel as though I must worry appropriately about it before something good will happen.

All I want to do is post about how awesome my first-choice school is. I want to tell everyone that I’m going to apply and I really want to go, but I shouldn’t. I have been letting some things slip, which I hope haven’t ruined it.
It’s kind of about saving face, so that if I don’t get in I won’t have to tell everyone when they ask, but it’s more about the superstition behind it.

I have to sit here and worry about it, no matter how reassured I am that I will make it in. I have to.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Right, guys?!


3 responses to “I’m Really Not Superstitious, Most of the Time…

  1. People do comment on me not getting overexcited about things, but that way, if it falls through its not so bad and if it comes true then its a surprise and even better.

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