At the Top of my “Pro UK” List

The Cadbury Flake Bar

It all started when I stumbled upon a rogue box of Flake bars at the local Mac’s Milk and fell in love.
Sometimes, you can find these chocolate bars at random convenience stores. Otherwise you have to pick through the novelty royal-themed mugs and t-shirts at the British shops, and they are always at least 2 dollars each.

Walking into any local grocery and being able to indulge in however many Flake bars I want? Gold. Pure gold.

Chalk one up for the “go to the UK” side!

In all seriousness, I’m currently filling out my travel applications. Oh my god. 

I swear I won't be a tacky tourist.


7 responses to “At the Top of my “Pro UK” List

  1. In the UK you can buy ice creams from an ice cream van with Cadburys flake in them!

  2. It sounds like you would have a lovely time if you go and I’m sure you wouldn’t be a tacky tourist.

  3. Those chocolates look divine. Have fun in the UK. Loving the blog, by the way.