Toronto’s Nuit Blanche

It’s the 12 hour, 7pm to 7am (or shall I say 6:59, like all the posters. 7 is just too mainstream) downtown contemporary art extravaganza. Yonge street is shut down and the TTC runs all night. People flood the city by the hundreds of thousands to take in the various exhibits spread throughout the core.

This was my first year. It was one of those “meh, I’ll see it next time” things, like the Toronto International Film Festival…which I still haven’t made it to.

Here are some semi-decent pictures I managed to take last night before my hands froze off.

You know it's a party when they shut down Yonge

The Ryerson Student Centre (this wasn't part of Nuit Blanche, but still something worth noticing)


The Paparazzi Bots

A video about people going over Eggerton Falls projected onto rocks @ Ryerson

Rapping inukshuks on Queen West? Rapping inukshuks on Queen West.

More robots! These ones responded to body heat.

Musical cars?

An installation @ Ryerson. You could pull some handles and the lights would move up and down.

Playing with exposure at this display of lights..and cool things.

What? This is Canada. We will drink on the patio if we damn well please.

It was damn cold. I spent last weekend at work wearing capris and a t-shirt. This weekend, people have been bringing out the old wintercoats, hats, gloves, and boots…and for good reason. It was about 8 degrees celsius last night, according to the trusty iPhone. For some reason, I decided flats would be a good idea. Not just any flats, Wal-Mart flats. I fear I’ve done permanent damage to my feet.

We luckily got the last subway that went past Woodbine…and wound up getting stranded at Warden station because apparently the bus terminal doesn’t operate at night…even though the subway does? The whole wait for a ride and drive home, we didn’t see one 16 bus. 24 hour service? Lies, I tell you!

It would have been nice to have the exhibits in more obvious locations. A lot were down back alleys and easily missed if your Nuit Blanche strategy was nothing more than just plain old “walking around until you find something good.” Guilty. Next year, we will plan better.

And, next year, I will bring some damn boots!


6 responses to “Toronto’s Nuit Blanche

  1. thirtyfourflavours

    hilarious – but well played! 😉

  2. Yep, I just wondered around. I also asked a guy on one of the booths, “where can I find the suff that is actually good.” he told me some things, but I never found them.

  3. great to see pics of your nuit blanche experience, I’m going to one in Brighton soon. I just hope it isn’t as cold!

    • I hope to see a post about it! It’s fun to see how other cities pull it off. Yes, hopefully it isn’t as cold. It kind of distracted from all the awesomeness. Have a great time!