Why Writing Your Very First Blog Post is a Pain in the Ass.

There is always too much pressure on “firsts.” First kiss, date, car, job, cup of coffee, tequila shot, arrest, etc.

Screw it.

I could go the lame, barebones introduction route and detail my current life situation, what I like/dislike/whatever. But I realize this is not a diary. Who gives a shit about all that? (Unless you’ve secretly stumbled upon a classmate’s anonymous blog and their various details about their STD tests and whatnot. That would be hilarious.)

Or I could just dive right in to a random topic with no context or relevance or anything. Or anything!

Here we go:

Hi guys! My name is Michelle, and for all my other lovely details you can visit the “About” page. (Copying and pasting is so mainstream). I’m currently trying to learn French, figure out what university I want to transfer to (and how I can actually go about doing it with my certain undesirable chemistry grade following me around), what I want to major in, where I want to live, etc.

My first year at a downtown University’s “partner” college in the boonies (Oh, another shooting up the street?) was a disaster and nearly scared me off school forever. I hope to one day attend a school that won’t have the administration treat you like a second-rate student if you aren’t an international student. Well, they treated everyone pretty shitty but at least the international kids got their hands held through it all, and free shuttles to the airport(?)

As I stood in the “cafeteria” awkwardly trying to find a seat for the millionth time (what the fuck, it’s 9am, how the fuck is this place full?), I realized there was no way in hell I was paying another 7 grand to come back and “learn” about how I feel about culture and butterflies and rainbows. I mean, that type of “let’s learn about ourselves first” education may do it for some people, but there are just those days when I want to sit in the back of a lecture hall and not be forced to partner up and draw a picture on chart paper in colourful markers to present to the class.

Enough about that.
Read this blog and be entertained. If you aren’t, then unfollow. Thank you for your time, homies.


2 responses to “Why Writing Your Very First Blog Post is a Pain in the Ass.

  1. Whew! That’s what we call grand Entrance with a bang! Honesty and being yourself counts…and as for entertainment, it sure did catch my attention… What’s next? Have fun making your post, it is your blog after all. Thanks for the visit.